1 more year 1 more year.

Dear Bob "O"

I as a fan would like Charlie to get 1 more year as HC no playoffs then he is gone. (you did say " he didn't get stupid over night")

let's try and win this year please.

That would be my personal preference as well but, well...

Agreed 1 more year for Charlie
Charlie Taaffe Fan Club.


Maybe he means that it took him a few years!

I've mentioned on other sites that I thought Charlie was dealt a bad hand by management last year when his hiring took place so late that all the good D and O coordinators and assistants were picked over. Along with this he had to deal with 24 new players in training camp and start the season that way.

No wonder there was a discipline problem with the number of penalties taken and dumb bench calls which certainly didn't all come from Charlie.

Taaffe knows how to win football games. He's been doing this for years, and in fairness to him he needs to start on level ground with the competition. I also hope that he is allowed one more year to improve this team.