1 more reason why CFL is BUSH.

Ticats are the only team not to have a week off yet, some teams have already had 2. Pretty lousy half azzed schedule making to me. But it don't matta when you playin in a bush leag.

I think cats could have used a week off over the past 2 month's to regroup like most of tha other teams but no such break until WEEK 16

Your right this is a crock, I looked at the standings today and the tiger cats have played 13 games, while other teams have only played 11. Does the gm have any say in the schedule?

I could be wrong but I think it might have something to do with


I understand that Ottawa folding had alot to do with it, But look at Toronto this is their 2nd bye week.

This league is Trying to Get Toronto into Grey Cup Cause Next Year Where is the Grey Cup


for someone who is always saying the CFL is bush, you certainly seem to be on this bush legue site alot..
suggestion to all those who think the CFL is bush.. don't follow the legue, and follow your NoFun Legue..

Onknight wrote:

This league is Trying to Get Toronto into Grey Cup Cause Next Year Where is the Grey Cup


That is more than correct. The only thing the CFL wants is for Toronto to be in the Grey Cup in Toronto in 2007.
Just watch over the off-season, the league will not enforce the salary cap for the simple reason that the argos could not afford the players under contract if the salary cap was in effect.

If in your opinion the CFL is a bush league due to the schedule, then take off. We don't need you. Enjoy your couch during the NFL season.

I have said it once, I have said it twice.

BUSH has nothing to do with this league. He has other things to worry bout. sheesh

The way Hamilton is playing...they need all the practice and playing time they can get. To heck with a bye week. (If anything...this has been one big bye season.....waving bye bye).

And I'm sorry to correct you Ockham. You don't tell someone to "take off". It's "take off eh?" Then you proceed to call them hosers eh?

read the title bird... I meen ockham this is just another reason to go on with my last 10. But hey enjoy your CFL I still enjoy it, it's like hollywood. I just don't get as worked up as I used to when I was.....10.

That might hurt us down the stretch as we make a playoff run

yup. Will probably cost the ticats the home playoff game.

That scheduling mishap is nothing like having a Monday night game start at 10pm est on opening weekend !!!!!

This couldn't be politics?????

The Commisioner ,Mr Wrong is in the Argo back pocket?


Every team in the league has a messed up schedule this year. Usually involving playing all their games against certain opponents back-to-back, or not seeing certain teams at all until week 15.

I know the Ottawa thing is the excuse, but I've never totally bought it. Essentially they came up with the worst possible schedule imaginable, and it's hard to believe they couldn't have made things a lot better for everyone by switching a few games around. Other than Skydome, most CFL facilities have very few competitors for timeslots.

Every Team has a messed up schedule,right or wrong ,we have two off weeks at the very end of the schedule ,thats not messed up but two other words would describe it perfectly.

I was rather upset over seeing the sched as well... but for different reasons. I am a argo fan.... I would love to have 2 of the last 2 weeks off. good time to rest my starters before the playoffs.

the rushed sched was due to the Gilbermans pulling out. Anyone who has run a tournament or league would understand this.

schedule schmedule. Its football season. Thats all that matters. Tough it out. It will all work out in the end. Damn I wish there was a game on the tube every night.

geeez i dont think we have room to complain about the schedule. just happy to be on it.