1 more game to clinch a playoff spot

And our next match is against toronto. We would also guarantee ourselves a home game at the very least and were one more game away from clinching the east division. I know it is important to take nothing for granted but it is really hard when 4 of those 6 remaining games are toronto and winnipeg so how does everyone think the team will battle this complacency and be able to keep a competitive edge to them going into the playoffs

Montreal is doing good, they might make the playoffs

Toronto is playing WPG and the loser of that game cannot take 1st so Montreal is guarenteed a home spot now
The magic number is now 2 for first place in the east, Ham can still tie Mtl but Mtl will take the tiebreaker

It's important that we finish the regular season with a good momentum because, really, nothing short of winning the cup will be good enough this year (again).

Well, mathematically nothing is yet guaranteed.

If MTL loses all of its remaining games, it becomes 10 - 8. If TOR and BC win all of their remaining games, they become 10 - 8 and 11 - 7, respectfully. In this scenario MTL is off the playoff.

That is the only scenario Als do not go to playoff. Of course realistically this scenario is very much improbable, almost impossible even. So if by a miracle WPG wins tomorrow, Als can proudly sport a little x after its standing. Otherwise, "le Train des partisans" game next week will determine.

If both Toronto and Mtl finish 10-8 and Toronto takes the tie breaker and finishes first, Montreal will finish 2nd.
If BC ends up 11-7 the crossover team, even with a better record than the crossover team does not get the home spot.

Right now Mtl is guarenteed to host the Eastern semi

Montreal is in a very nice position. They can let guys heal properly. They can start and add to their playbook for the post season and they can let some guys get some experience. I wasn't a big fan of how MacPherson was used but the coach is a gentleman... good on him sucks for us :wink:

I'm also glad they are taking personal responsability to stay sharp for the remainder of the season. It would be ashame if a team like that got caught sleeping and had their season taken away from them because of their own success early.

Also when you look at the depth and quality thew new players are bringing you've got to credit Jim Popp with an amazing job in recruiting. This guy can eyeball specific qualities better than any guy in the CFL and he get's better at it every year and manages to make a baby every your in the middle of it all :thup: Congrats there Mr. Football and Mrs. Football :thup: :thup:

Respectfully disagree.

The scenario I mentioned has another caveat, that is HAM wins all of its games, except against TOR. So in this scenario East will end:

HAM: 11 - 7
TOR: 10 - 8 and wins tie-breaker
BC: 11 - 7 and crosses over
MTL: 10 - 8

Again, this scenario is highly improbable, but not yet impossible. Thus, nothing is yet guaranteed as of this Saturday morning.

You are right

Thats the scenario i was looking at when I originally posted this thread. Highly imporbable but that still does mean it takes 1 game to clinch a playoff spot because teams crossing over need to have a better record outright as any tiebreakers go to the 3rd place team within the division

So the Bombers win tonight. Oh CFL, can the Alouettes have a little x beside its name on the standings? Thank you.

I find this mathematical discussion hysterical...looking at scenarios where Toronto or Winnipeg win ALL their remaining games.


Its never over until its over

As Alouette fans we've read the script and seen the movie many times. It's a familiar tale. This year we hope not to topple over the popcorn and get that happy ending. Its all about the happy ending this year !

if Toronto and Winnipeg play against each other at least once in the season, they cannot win all of the games.

Is that line from Casey Stengel or Yogi Berra? Words to live by for sure.

My personal guiding principle is, "If some things were different, other things would be different too." If Eiben didn't land on Glenn's arm in the Eastern final.....