#1 league priority

Get all nine teams squared up for indoor stadiums (retractable roofs) asap.

In the meantime, I'd be in favor of having the conference finals and the Grey Cup held exclusively in BC until all teams have an indoor configuration. That would allow for January games.

Lol that’s going to go over like a lead balloon

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That would be like playing in a bubble.

Love the idea of domed/retractable stadiums for all 9 teams but, unfortunately, not realistic.

Let Halifax city council know it has to be a stadium with a retractable roof now.

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EZ_Football's #1 priority needs to be a proper grasp on reality.


Do you ever post anything of value?


You do know there are 2 other teams that have indoor stadiums? Right?

Football isn't football if it's not outside.


Weather and wind are part of the game.

Not to mention cost.

Every game I've been to in an indoor stadium has felt like I was in a mausoleum. Besides, ever been to BC Place in summer? Place is a sauna. Argos got out of the dome, but when they were in there, their fan complained incessantly about the place.

Hard no.



Toronto and Montreal both have domed stadia. The CFL teams don't play there because of the crappy atmosphere, but they are available for big games like the Grey Cup, and have been used that way in the past.

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But why should one city (or three, for that matter) be given a monopoly on the economic benefits of the GC? Especially when none of those cities do a particularly good job of supporting the league?

Truly very very bad idea. Reward the fans that fill the seats.

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Toronto was configured for baseball and Montreal was configured for the Olympics. Neither of those two sites have good sight-lines for 11 or 12 man ball.

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Canopies over the grandstand like in soccer stadiums will work just as good as a roof and less costly


Exactly. No one is going to build a single purpose domed stadium in Canada. And the Canadian sports consumers have dictated that the CFL will NOT be the premier occupant, meaning no domed field will be primarily configured for football.

That doesn't help with freezing weather. I want September like temperatures and a dry field to showcase the game.

Big advocate of the canopy .

The players can play in whatever is out there but Protect the fan from the rain and snow .


Do you realize what you just said?!

You are pushing up the probabilities of another Freezer Bowl like we had in Cincinnati.

In other words... real football