1 game suspension for TiCats Will Hill

TORONTO — [i]The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced Tuesday that it has imposed the following discipline arising out of play #89 in the third quarter of Game #21 on Saturday, July 8th, 2017, Hamilton at Saskatchewan:

Following a hearing, Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive back Will Hill has been assessed a one-game suspension for grabbing the jersey of an Official. This behaviour is unacceptable and violated the standards of acceptable conduct within the CFL. In addition, Hill was ejected from the game and issued a fine for punching a Saskatchewan player in a separate incident on the same play.[/i]

[i]Commissioner Randy Ambrosie added: “It is a fundamental principle in all of sport: you cannot and must not lay your hands on an official. Just as officials are integral to the integrity of competition, respect for officials is essential to proper behaviour in the arena of competition. I acknowledge that in this case, the player involved appeared to quickly realize the inappropriateness of his actions, and released the official. But that does not erase the fact that the player crossed a line that should never be crossed in sport at any level, and which certainly should be respected in an elite professional league such as the Canadian Football League. Furthermore, by punching an opponent, this player has not only displayed the opposite of sportsmanship, he has undermined the commitment to player health and safety that must be shared by the league and its players alike. Just as Player Safety is critical to our game, so too is the safety of our officials. I’m committed to developing a policy in the very near term to improve and codify the safety standards to further protect our officials.?

The suspension is to be served immediately. The Tiger-Cats’ next game is this Saturday. Should the player choose to appeal the suspension, it would not be served unless and until it has been upheld by an independent arbitrator, in keeping with the terms of the current collective bargaining agreement between the CFL and the Canadian Football League Players Association. The fine is also imposed immediately.[/i]

[url=https://www.cfl.ca/2017/07/11/ticats-will-hill-suspended-fined-week-3/]https://www.cfl.ca/2017/07/11/ticats-wi ... ed-week-3/[/url]

Seems reasonable. You just can't be grabbing an official like that, no way.

He got off easy easy peazy, I can’t see the referee’s being real happy with this.
The new commissioner should suspend himself for this slap on the wrist ruling! :roll:

Oh it wasn't that bad I don't think, it was a grab, almost a love grab really, with the hands but not a grab and shake sort of thing. That would have been worse.

I think 1 game is light. Was thinking it would be 3 and then appealed down to 2.

More importantly, there needs to be a clear black and while policy on this matter with sharp teeth for repeat offenders.

Needs to serve as a deterrent and I don't think today's ruling sets it.

1 out of 18 games is a lot percentage wise of suspension time compared with other sports that play a lot more games.

Duron Carter kind of bumps Rick Campbell, gets 1 game. Hill grabs an official by the collar also gets one game. Well Ambrosie did say he has a lot of respect for CFL players, never mentioned officials.

CFL officials actually have an association, Kim Murphy president. They should be the ones appealing the 1 game suspension, not the CFLPA.

[url=http://www.cflofficials.com/index.cfm?pagePath=About&id=77570]http://www.cflofficials.com/index.cfm?p ... t&id=77570[/url]

Sounds more like he got off lucky . A one gamer seems a little light when you consider that usage of a recreational drug by a player is an automatic 2 gamer . I’m not condoning drug use here but one would think that a player abusing and laying hands on an official in a game situation would warrant at the very least the same punishment and suspension or perhaps even more in my books . I would think that Hill should consider himself lucky that his actions are only going to cost him to sit out one game and one game only .

I wouldn’t though be at all surprised if the team ultimately decides to cut ties with him altogether and releases Hill outright . He’s a great player , a real talent and he should still be in the NFL except for one thing…he’s a Hothead who can’t control his temper or his emotions unfortunately .

He got off real easy. I’m a Ticat fan and still think it should have been more. For the people comparing this to other sports, Dennis Wideman got a 20 game suspension (strangely appealed down to 10 after it had been served). 20 games is ~a quarter of the NHL season. I wouldn’t have batted an eye at 4 games for Hill.

I wonder if Ambrosie talked to the CFLPA which he has roots to and plea bargained 1 game if you don’t appeal.
If the CFLPA appeals it will be in the courts and the news for many months, this way it is over after next week.

I do like to see this part of Ambrosie’s statement
" Just as Player Safety is critical to our game, so too is the safety of our officials. I’m committed to developing a policy in the very near term to improve and codify the safety standards to further protect our officials.?

A suspended player does not get paid and the Max. fine in the CFL is one half game day cheque

So if Hill is paid $60K a season, missing 1.5 game cheques = $5000 fine

You’re kidding, right?

I agree bobo, but then how do you explain Ndamukong Suh?

Should have got three

Agree. Grabbing an official like that and holding on (lord knows what the player said to him) for as long as he did in a threatening manner is as bad as it gets.

Let us not forget the player is considerably larger, stronger and is clad in protective gear…the official is completely exposed to serious injury if the player decides to take the ultimate step of taking a swing.

Has this player apologized for his actions? If not, I can only believe he feels his actions were acceptable and that this suspension/fine is unjust…which only promotes such stupidity.

Sure, you have good points, fair enough. Anyways, he's getting suspended, next offence will be much harsher for sure if he does another one.

Randy comes out of the chute meek & timid - guess he didn’t want w r with the officials &/or CFLPa - on his 1st day on the stick!!!

Though I don't like the term here, I wouldn't point the pitchfork Ambroise's way. At least not at this time.

Any changes would need to go through the PA so even if he went heavy, the appeal would have negated it.

The system is broken. Hopefully the league and the PA work quickly for improvement. Otherwise, next time it may not be just a scruf of the colar.

1 game seems very weak.

Again the CFL references that they think Hill immediately recognized it by how fast he let go. By that measure if a player knows he has committed pass interference and says "my bad" within 5 seconds .... should the penalty by cut in half to recognize intent? Kidding aside ...... way to light for grabbing a ref. Match this with Austins penalty last year and there is no point in even calling the penalty. Only the CFL would be this tolerant. In the NHL,NFL,NBA,MLB .... grabbing the ref by the shirt collars would start at 10 games then go up as required.

I would have thought he would get 2-3 games, and that would be based on him letting go.
But the fact that he just finished punching a player, then grabbing a ref, 2-3 games should have happened.

At least it wasn't just a fine. Here's hoping that there is no appeal that drags this issue on for a month or two.

Definitely, need to have this sorted out in the next negotiations.

One game suspension!!! What a joke!!!

We would be seeing real justice in action had the length of the suspension be left up to the field officials mother.