#1 Draft Pick

What's going on with our number one pick?

We don't know anything you don't. There are no football ops people around here.

I figure a combination of various factors.

  1. He has an agent who is greatly misinformed as to how much a top pick should be making in the CFL.
  • Conversely his agent has communicated how much he should be making and he think he should be worth more.
  1. We have team management trying to stiff arm him at taking a lower salary because
  • They realize most first round draft picks seldom stay beyond a few years on a CFL team
  • They are trying to fight against the norms of first round pick salary expectations
  • They are greatly misinformed as to how much a top pick should be making in the CFL
  1. Our management owed Montreal a outstanding Lineman for some reason, and we ended up trading for a pick we didn’t really want? I don’t know, this is Eric Tillman, the guy who traded Ricky Ray for a bag of beans, only reason I can see that trade ever got made.

His Agent has many clients in the CFL

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ok thanks guys, such a waste of a first pick

  1. At this point in time, Chapman is only screwing himself !!

Last I heard, there is only about $10,000 difference in preventing him from signing.
He may be a great receiver, but his brain matter is not soooo good !!

It's either him or his agent that is convincing him to hold out. He is now basically a whole
month behind the rest of the team. He just may screw up his whole year at this point ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I agree with this. He should have taken the entry level contract and got his butt into training camp to learn the ropes. After he burns up the league for a couple of years then ask for the big paycheck.

I guess we’re not laughing so hard about Kavis Reed and his trades right now? Bomben for nothing?

Chapman will be signed eventually, but now that he's already missed all of training camp plus week 1, the Cats have less incentive to make concessions to get the deal done quickly.

I really hope he gets signed.

Nice to see a 5 receiver system on this offence in Brandon Banks, Terrance Toliver, Jalen Saunders, Luke Tasker and Mark Chapman..

Lots of weapons for Masoli and Manziel to throw to and John White in the backfield.

Might already be too late for him for this season. Mike Jones looks like a much better player this year.
Maybe the Cats have taken the 2 year contract off the table and want it to be a 3 year deal assuming this year will mostly be a bust for the player.

I think it's mandatory to at least offer a 2-year deal. But I'm assuming the team can put both a 2-yr and a 3-yr on the table, with a significantly higher annual pay rate for the 3-yr.

Is it possible that Chapman is waiting for an NFL opportunity? If he signs with the Ticats it rules him out.
The guy has not caught a pass in pro-football and skipped training camp. I would ditch him, trade his rights for a proven CFL player.

For what? We already know what a proven player is worth this time of year - a really late draft choice next year. No way we get a proven player for him.

Plus he's not costing the team anything at this point, so no harm keeping him on the hook.

Agree, he is not a diminishing asset as long as he doesn't get injured training.
I am certain that management has a plan and I have no problem with them holding firm on their belief. I can't really remember a past Cats draft choice holding out for more $$$, I think this is new.
If a hockey player holds out and comes back half way through a season they still have 40 games to make things up. If you miss training camp and the start of the season I am not sure as a rookie that you would ever catch up. And with the CFL having 2 year rookie contracts if the dude signs a 2 year deal and is almost useless to us this season why sign him at all this year and burn a year of team control?

Yeah trade him for Bomden!z

He is only costing himself, If his pay is $90K/yr(18 gms)
Each game is $5k out of his pocket, as of Friday he will have forfeited $10k in a period of 6 days! :o