1 Division League?

Would you vote in favour of making the CFL a 1 Division League if you were asked to vote on it?

I support divisions for the regular season only.

Why for the playoffs but not the regular season? Would it make any difference?

I still prefer to maintain the divisions as is (and always hope for that 10th team to finally balance them at 5 each), but I wouldn’t mind terribly trying one division if that’s what the market research were to suggest the public wanted.

The surest way to turn this from a nine team league into a five team league is to go to one division.


If Edmonton makes the GC, and ticket sales suffer because of it, that isn’t a reason to get rid of the divisions. In my opinion, that’s actually a huge push toward keeping divisions and scrapping the cross-over so an all-West (or all-East, which could happen but I doubt it would) doesn’t happen again. If it were a Calgary-Edmonton GC in Alberta, I’m sure it would sell fine (probably better than usual) but if that happens in TO… I’m a little worried.

Ideally, I’d like one more Eastern team, and the top 3 in each division make the playoffs. I’m still hoping we can get that ever elusive 10th team. I do realize though that currently with 9 teams, keeping divisions but scrapping the cross-over would be unfair for the West. So I’d still keep it for now.

Nearly every sports league has disparity between divisions. Some leagues have a cross-over/wildcard to offset this, but some don’t. Baseball has the wildcard, but that’s because such a low percentage of teams make the playoffs. I think they only came up with it so teams have a reason to fight for longer - and thus, fans have a reason to keep going to games. The wildcard game not only sells more tickets, but the final stretch of the regular season does too. It’s good for their league.

It seems unfair, but every sport with divisions is like this and it makes inter-divisional games that much more important since they essentially stand for 4 points in the standings and not 2. If you play well in your division, you make the playoffs. Don’t, and you don’t deserve to represent your division in the finals.

Agree. We have been over this time and time again.

The CFL will decide to keep it as is or not.

Let’s just all enjoy the CFL.

Why screw with so much tradition. Keep it east and west.

Worth another bump.

I voted NO.

1 division will hurt the CFL.

It has enough problems to deal with.

I voted no.

Divisions (and the crossover) means more games matter later into the season. Which gives fans a reason to keep watching.

WOW, now I am glad this poll was posted.

I thought I was in the minority , but 87 % have also voted no.

:thup: :thup:

Yeah, I though the no-division idea had been really gaining popularity too. Guess not. :thup:

To me, the poll results then raise this question: should the league go back to a less interlocking schedule?

I, for one, would like to see a few more intra- and a few less inter-divisional match-ups on the schedule to create a little more mystique heading into the playoffs.

1 division? SEC and other conferences have 2 divisions for a reason.

I voted yes. Makes for a more competitive season, get’s the best teams in the playoffs, builds rivalries. Grey Cup attendance isn’t a good reason for maintaining the status quo, as this year shows. Best two teams in the Grey Cup is a good selling point.

Yeah, because with two divisions there’s no rivalries :roll:

As an example, Ottawa and Calgary fighting for first overall, instant rivalry that wouldn’t happen under the current system. I guess you want to stick with the 2 divisions because it’s worked so well.

Yes, it’s worked fantastic for decades and decades. Look at the poll numbers, you’re not going to win this one, not by a long shot.

You still believe in polls after Donald Trump? I think the silent majority is behind me. Yes, it did work for decades but 2 easy guaranteed playoff spots has made the East apathetic. One division, 5 playoff teams. Works for me.

You’re delusional. There is no silent majority behind you. And it’s a stupid idea, as many have mentioned ad nauseum. You don’t think there’s already rivalries in a nine team league? HAHAHAHA, hilarious.