#1 Change

Seriously, that game was ridiculous.

I was wondering what the fans would do now?
What is the 1st priority?

I think we need an experienced new GM and new scouting?

How else would you explain Flemming, Peterson and Eakin all starting yesterday?

This team cannotcurrently access talent.

You can always cheer for the Argos.

I was wondering what the fans would do now? What is the 1st priority?
Get Jason Maas healthy, have him work with the first team Offence all week, pick up where we left off in Montreal.

As I see it, the organization should look at the remainder of the 2006 season as a pre-season for 2007: hire new GM and HC as soon as possible (people with "a passion for football" and CFL-winning experience), let these new folks bring in the assistants and players they think they will need, and use the remaining 11 games to "shake out" the team for the 2007 run.

If the new regime is even moderately successful through the stretch, this will help the marketing folks capture the ever-more-elusive ticket renewals as well as new ticket sales for 2007. And with the GC in Toronto next year, they will have an added marketing hook.

no way, we have wicked scouting, eakin is good jus hes rusty, look at who we've brought in from scouting, anthony davis is good he jus doesnt get enough touches, member kahlil hill, he was like our second dj flcik at wide out, we will posibly get him back. and so on we have great scouting,

NO DICE! :twisted:

It doesn't matter whether you run or pass unless we get an O Line, this season is going to be long and tortuous. After the O Line a new coaching staff a new GM and then some tweaking defensively like about 7 or 8 guys and there is the Grey Cup. Sorry nothing is going to save this team this year. You are not going to find any new coaches or players this late in the year. All they can do is make the best of what they have.

Just an added note I have never been Craig Yeast's biggest fan but he did not deserve to get cut. Suspend him maybe but if you want to cut people the O co odinator and the d co ordinator would be a good place to start.

Have to agree with most of this. The O-Line is the first thing that needs to be addressed. The question is, do you wait for everyone to get healthy again, work with what you have, or try to locate some new talent. I think a little of each. Find some import help until we are healthy or able to possibly get Woodard back, and continue to work with some of the younger guys. We have plenty of potential, just need to tap it.

I think our defense is not far off, but don't really care for Kavis Reed's system. Not enough pressure on the quarterback. If the DB's and DE's can stay healthy, we could be better. The two positions we need a little help in are safety and linebacker. I don't think we are terrible here, but you have to be strong in the middle of the field in the CFL, and we could be better.

As far as coaching goes, I can't think of one that I really care for. When the new head coach is found, let them assess and replace as required. Not a big fan of Reed, Pao Pao, and Erdman should have been run out of town long ago.

When it comes to the scouting and player development side of things, I actually like the work that Smith, McCarthy, and Lancaster (when back where he belongs) have done. This was the best group of players in camp we have had in a long time, I just disagree with the players who were kept, and determined to be starters. With these guys working in these capacities, I don't have a huge problem with Katz as a GM, as long as the football brain trust has some control over what players we are going after.


I have no problem with managment, coaching and players, except for the O-line and the special teams coaching.

Fix those and we should be fine.

Yes, Eakin stunk last night, but most of us know that he's better than that. I can let that one go.

So all night long the announcers were commenting on how Eakin doesn’t get the reps with the first team receivers. As Jason Maas is the lead QB, he gets all these reps.

My question, and forgive my ignorance, but since they have almost a week between games, why can’t both QB’s get equal opportunity to practice with the starting receivers? Would it not be to our teams advantage to develop both QB’s so we could possibly avoid seeing what happened last night. A back-up QB forced to come in and look quite pathetic due to inexperience with his receivers.

By far!!!..This is the most intelligent post ive read on this board today!!! :thup:

-Interum GM still?

-now interum Coach?

-Inadaquate O Line(No Run Blocking and lately bad passblocking).

-Inadaquate long snapper.(Terrible)Key part of the CFL game.

  • non consistant kicking game.(The first positive thing we have done since our lack of success was bring in Myers but our Punting is still no good.)again huge part of our game.

-Defensive Coach? Next

-Ofencive Coach? Next

  • Special Teams Coach? Next

This team has aquired some great talent but also lacks alot in all the key areas of the game.

We have no guidance or pathway starting from the top

The Organization has to pull up their pants big time if they want to save face.

The 2nd string QB does get a high % of the reps
with the 1st string offence at all practices, Wallace.

Kevin got 100% of those reps this week.

There are 3 practices of 1 1/2 hours every week
to work on individual skills, Special teams,
Offence and Defence.

Meetings and practice time is split 50/50
and they can't take longer that 4 1/2 hours.

That is not much time to get things done.


Where do the other 4 days go, you ask?

a "walk through" on media day, a travel day, the game day,
the next day to meet and to work out the kinks and a day off.


The 3rd string QB runs the the plays of our opponents.

Change #1.

Sign Ron to four more years so he has time to work his magic.

So they already knew they were going to get creamed from practice :o

Maybe we should have had our third-stringer running the plays of our opponents for us Thursday night. :wink:

Agreed. The Offensive line is very offensive this season. Same reason the Argos are losing - it is a tossup who has a worse Offensive Line.
But the real problem, I think, is that we chose the wrong coaches. I don't understand the braintrusts who think it is better to get a Joe Paopao :thdn: from a losing Ottawa franchise over Berry :thup: , who was running with a winning franchise.
I also don't know why we never considered Kevin Glenn when he was available, as obviously again we picked the wrong Kevin.

Wrong 'Kevin', wrong 'Marshall', wrong 'Brock'... Do we have a problem with names on this Team????

The Eagle :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

[quote=“coupe6652”]It doesn’t matter whether you run or pass unless we get an O Line,

The O line is atrocious. They need to stop playing “hurry up defense”. IOW, they need to stop addressing the defense at the line of scrimmage with the words, “hurry up and get to our quarterback so I can get off the field. Our defense wants to score.”

Imagine what the state of health Maas would be in if he were to sacrifice his body for the sake of attempting 15 yard passes more than twice a game.

First things first new coaches. Pao Pao is terrible. everyone in the stands knows the plays. Pao Pao has done nothing here. A ball control offence, that is what we are suppose to have? Why is the defence on 90% of the time. Maybe change that and try and throw the ball down feild. Just a suggestion. I mean nothing is working right now it is time to change things up.

Fleming was starting ??? That`s news to me buddy . Are you talking about Devonte Peterson ??? He played a hell of a game buddy . What game were you watching anyways ??? I mean the defence was on the field the whole game and your knocking how they played . Get your facts straight first will you .