#1 Box Office hit this weekend is...

"Weeping in Winnipeg" which premiered tonight in theatres throughout the country.

Two weeks ago "Silence in Saskatchewan" topped out at 22 million for the weekend.

We're hardly weeping. I think most realised this would be a hard game to win, considering the injuries to the Oline and Dline. I think overall we played pretty good, and if anything we are upbeat in Winnipeg. But thanks for caring!


Now, now.
BC has had the second fewest injuries in the league this year, so it is unfair to bring the subject up....

...this isn't trolling kids, its boasting...and quite frankly RLR is entitled to it based on his team's performance to date....

I hate to disagree with a mod's opinion on this, but given RLR's track record, it looks like both bragging and trolling to me.

...no doubt it's bragging....bragging/boasting, it's a cut from the same side of the tainted cow....

...but trolling, no....although there is no CFL.ca official definition, we have unofficially agreed to using that term for when a fan of a team posts comments like this within the forum of another team...out here on the main forum it's all good...

....I'm not defending the classiness of the post (Nutritional Facts: Per One Post - Classiness Content 0%), but in the arena of 'who's on top' RLR can say his team is without restraint....

I guess that would be the sequel, since we already had "Bombers bounce Lions" and "Riders ruin Lions" in BC ?

Let's not get too carried away now rlr, your victories were less than dominant and could very well have been losses.

lmao - RLR not get too carried away....that is priceless, pigman....

Trolling! No Having fun at the expense of the Bombers and their fans yes. I mean did you expect anything but this type of response. NO troll here.

You're pom pom waving for the Argos has me a little miffed 05, what if they edge the stamps for a co spot, your setting yourself up for a mighty big fall there.

Intelligent comments...no
Looking for a knee jerk reaction, yes
based on previous posts...and I have read many,
RLR is nothing but a troll.
Please post anything to prove me wrong.
If you do, I will apologize. If not...he's a troll. End of story.
If he has brain damage then I apologize for not knowing. Can't hold that against anyone, can you?
Cheers from Kobe Japan
Congrats Lions, well fought victory!

Well piggy if they did they deserve it now don’t they. Right now the Argos are the hotest team in the east. Look over your bomber shoulder my friend there is a ship on the horizon and they are yelling row row row.

Ya, Lions fans wouldn't know anything about injuries...It's not like we've been missing any key players this season.

As wut said in the other thread, just because we have by far the most depth in the CFL does not mean our injuries have not been significant. They have, it's just that we've hid them much better than other teams.

BC Lions, #1 in the CFL and #1 in your hearts.

I see trolling is only done by RLR. Seriously you have a problem.

Kobekid and LetsGoBlue, did you guys like "Weeping in Winnipeg"?

Did it give you nightmares?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I must admit the lions do have alot of depth.probably due to the fact that most of these guys are from the southern US and could not bear to play ,practice ,live, in a winter climate like Winnipeg,Sask,...face it if you had to come to Canada to play Football you may as go somewhere where the Winters are mild. The lions have a real advantage this year as the western final and GC are both played in covered stadiums.