1.5 months from CAMP.. where do we need help? :)

So.. pretty simple question, looking at our roster, on april 23rd 2010, what areas do we still need some help in..

qb's to me look pretty good, lefors should be let go soon. 4qb's look good to me

rb's reid,bernard,marc.stephenson,oost.. (i could see us taking a rb on draft day.)

wr's.. i almost think we have too many

ol.. again how many oline guys do we need.

dl.. lookin good, solid upgrades i think.

lb.. again looking good but lacking canadian depth. (could be a spot we look at with our #6 pick)

db.. not much depth here at all. IMO, this is the one area the bombers need to concentrate on most. We need some halfbacks for sure, badly.. our corners look ok, with jovon,bstewart,glover and craver all being able to play corner. but the halfback position right now is weak.. if we get hef back, it should help alot but i dont want to play the waiting for a guy to possibly return from his failed nfl tryout game. jules? c'mon man he's 29 and canadian. LIKE WHY.

but outside of defensive back right now we are looking pretty solid.

i feel we have one of the best safetys in the league in ian logan and i think we have a pretty good punter in mike renaud and a solid kicker in serna (hmm bodnar, dixon ( u of m guy) both draft eligible this year no?) probably could sign 1 after tthe draft even.) (id consider it just for competition and the fact that serna is american)

but outside of db and some canadian depth which we are surely going to pick up in the draft this year (hopefully) (4 picks is it? not alot but hopefully they get em right) and imo, canadian talent is lacking at the rb,linebacker,defensiveback and kicker position.

i dunno. if all things work out, we should be pretty good offensivley this season but right now im looking at our defensive backs and thinking... omg jovon, please stay healthy.

Pretty good outlook... secondary wont be as weak as people are making it out to be, but it will be our weakest area... unless of coarse Mack found a few gems

and your definately right about needing more canadian LB's

Our Linebackers as a whole will be better this season though

as for the O-line... we have a few weak links... mostly at Gaurd... We have a lot of good Tackles.. and a couple good Centers... Id like to see us try and make a steal at Gaurd with one of our fourth rounders

not really caught up on cis football or anything but im hearing good things about matte and also joel reindeers who is more of a project tho.. ill bet the bombers use on of the late round picks on one of these 2 if still available.

a lb is who we are gonna take at 6.. not sure who but could be williams or gesse. dont think greenwood falls that far but if he did i think he's the no brainer pick. if none of those guys are available and taurean allen is, i think they take him. but i dunno alot about the cis so im just basing this on who might or might not be available and ready to maybe play whether it be special teams or part time starter this year.

To answer your original question, the HB spots need to be plugged and I don't see the answer currently on the roster.

I'd also like to see us p/u a nonimport PK so we don't have to waste a DI spot on him, that could be better used elsewhere.

agreed pigseye... i love serna, good kid, good kicker, but if maver makes it to us in the draft... i dont know how the bb could pass up... imo it is important to have a canadian kicker, would could def use that import elsewhere... plus it would prob save us some salary space

having said that i believe calgary will take maver

Interestingly, I was checking out the Detroit Lions site, Hefney is listed on the main roster as #44. I had read elsewhere that he was expected to be at this weekends rookie camp for the lions (includes rookies, free agents, and 1year veterans), but their roster doesn't list him as a participant and his number has been reassigned to the RB they drafted (best). Probably not a big deal, but maybe he gets cut early? Would be nice to have him back.

wouldnt be surprised to have hef back sooner rather than later because of his height and the fact that he is roughly 5th or 6th on the depth chart right now. guess we'll see. if he has a good mini camp, he'll stick around for abit with the lions, if not and he comes in and struggles (someone mentioned the lions asking him to put on some weight and he really didnt put on that much or did but alot in a short time) he could be back sooner and that would instantly upgrade our db's. i wonder if some of the linebackers we have added can also play db. seems to me we have an abundace of talent everywhere on the roster right now expect for the db position and thats not good. Regardless of if hef comes back or not tho, we need MORE COMPETITION than we currently have at the defensive back position.

RB is good, we should not waste a pick on a RB unless you get a Montoya type RB, highly unlikely. We absolutely need more depth at DB, DB, DB and DB. Good news is Detroit has brought in 2 more players to this mini camp and looks like Hefney will be in tough and could return very soon, too bad for Hefney, but great for the BBS.