Yes folks an unbelievable number of Canadians continous to watch and again in record numbers.
The three games, see below, attracted an audience which is usually reserved for the playoffs and NHL Saturday HNIC. Speaking of which, you will be surprised how the London game drew flies.
Oh yes the nay sayers will say how the games basically drew the same audience throughout.
Well in comparison, Sportsnet computes the NFL total of the games starting at the same time and still can’t get a fraction of the one CFL game.
Without overstating the obvious again, TSN numbers are on record pace for this year and the new TV contract for 08 is pittance in comparison.
I hate to say it as I thought he was a great Commish, but is Tom Wright responsible or was he merely the front man and puppet of the owners for signing such a low $16M per year figure. At least double is the market value.
Meanwhile, the CBC with no promo type advertising in this the last year is still garnering high figures.


1.2.3. CFL Saturday CBC Ham-Win @ 490,000, Cal-BC @ 443,000, great for a late start, Friday TSN @ 426,000 well above current record average at 360,000 and wins the night
2a. CFL Saturday CBC Mon-Sask @ 263,000 plus current RDS average of 200,000(06 was 217,000) I am declaring the total at 463,000
5. Golf, President’s Cup Sunday TSN @ 382,000 can the question be asked is this a sport or tournament hobby? Answers please_____________________.
6. NFL, Sunday on Sportsnet “late games” @ 291,000 three in total and this combined figure is a joke and is there in my opinion to manipulate the ad agencies
7.9. MLB, Saturday Sportsnet TB-Tor @ 268,000 and Friday @ 257,000 well below the average of 295,000 as playing out the string
8. NFL, Sunday night TSN Phil-NYG @ 258,000 this is the usual average type number for prime time, lucky there is no CFL
10.11 Golf, President’s Cup Friday and Sunday TSN @ 243,000 and 242,000

Some Interesting Bottom Feeders
CIS Footbal Saturday Score @ 10,000
NCAA Football Saturday Score @ 34,000 not much better
NHL Hockey Saturday CBC Ana-LA @ 222,000 lowest number perhaps ever for the mother corporation.

Interesting numbers, but I suspect that the NHL game in London was on at 9am where I am, and who wants to watch Kings-Ducks match at that time of the day? Poor planning on the NHL's and CBC's part.
As for the Golf, they got the good numbers because of Mike Weir, but I believe its a sport rather than a hobby, just my opinion.

Great news. Yeah the current contract sucks, but with those numbers who knows what the CFL can get next time they go to the bargaining table? It's all good for the league regardless.

Sambo, the hockey game was twelve noon eastern.

Maybe where you are, but that still makes it a 10 am time where I live... so who wants to watch a game that early? It would be 9am in Alberta and BC as well.

good job, Argotom. Yep, those are amazing numbers for the CFL. It is also surprising that the NHL season opener featuring the reigning Stanley Cup champions, had only half the viewers of their very next program...CFL Football!

Not only does the CFL double the NHL's ratings, but also the vaunted NFL, with 3 NFL games garnering only half the audience of one CFL game.

Before the CFL signed their new TV deal, I had suggested that they should produce their own TV broadcasts, buying time on the networks of their choice. The league could of easily doubled or tripled their income, rather than signing another TSN five-year deal. TSN announced last year that their ad revenue from CFL football had increased 300% over the previous 5 years.

The irony is that CFL is generating fat profits for the billionaire owners of CTV/TSN/Bell-Global whatever conglomerate, while CFL teams often tetter near bancruptcy and the average player playing for peanuts. :roll:

Totally agree Xvys, with the further stipulation how on the backs(profit) of the CFL the NFL crappy contract and games are being shown by CTV and TSN.
And don't get me started how TSN is over the top in the NFL promos and advertising, while in reverse doing little or nothing in comparison for the CFL.
Also, what's with the crap about showing the Super Snore on the full CTV network while the Grey Cup in 08 will be on the much smaller TSN.

You know, the way hockey is going with these penalty filled no touching allowed snorefests, I can see a day in the near future where the CFL will surpass NHL TV ratings in Canada.

Because I think most CAnadian sports fans are becoming fed up watching the way hockey has become totally destroyed for the Amricans.

The CFL is our game. It is made for Canadians. PLayed by Canadians. And if Canadians like it the way it is, no foreigners will try to change the rules every stickin' year!

You are correct berezin.
Plus, there is no better unifying force in Canada from coast to coast then the Grey Cup.

I don't think there's anything surprising about the CFL dominating TV ratings every week.

Maybe it is to these know nothing media types who only know about sports from what they watch on US TV.

But whats so surprising about Canadians supporting a league made up of Canadian cities played by CAnadians that is played in CAnada for Canadians? I say nothing.

That is nice to here. We need fans in the stands and in front of the TV

Two things:
1.while I agree the current TSN is under-valued to what the CFL should have got(a deal stating either 2.5 or 3M per team or 20-24M per year) it is Double the previous deal and should ensure that all games are on Television for all of the contracts seasons.

2.Why even Compare to the London game? it was at 11 Central(12 eastern) and involved two american teams.
a real game to draw comparisons would be either: I)the CBC + TSN openers(Thursday and Wensday respectively TO vs. OTT) OR just a random TSN wensday draw in January(as this CFL week was more or less a random week, no special match-ups 2/3rds into the season)

Good Ratings though, hopefully they keep staying up to/rising. I know it won't happen but it would be great if TSN did some sort of deal with the CFL or a donation to amature football due to how well the CFL is starting to do.

4-8M donation by TSN in the CFL + TSN name to the CJFL and/or CIS is just as good really as donating to the CFL as it really helps build the product for the CFL.

Heck that would be perfect donating like 3M to the CJFL and 5M to the CIS(almost 200K per CIS team) for 5 years instead of an extra 8M on the CFL TV deal.

I'm sure the CFL has it's reasons, but I wish they would have had at least one game on Sunday instead of the triple header on Saturday. I tried but I just couldn't stay awake for the late game.

My NFL team has always been the Pat's but other than that I don't generally watch the NFL. I turned the TV on Sunday to one of the NFL games and I was overrun with a barrage of commercials. Is it just my imagination or do NFL broadcasts have a lot more commercials then a CFL broadcast???

Yes agree Fan, more commercials, time outs the long 40 second play clock + largely boring football = an unwatchable product.

Those are monster numbers.

I don't see why companies aren't advertising more with the CFL. It's HUGE!!!!

Please quit trying to force feed us NFL, NBA, and baseball. WE LIKE CANADIAN FOOTBALL!!! GIVE US MORE CANADIAN FOOTBALL!!

Companies are wierd.. do they not realize how much fan support the CFL has?

obviously some do, but one would expect more would jump in with the CFL.

although would be nice to know how much the TSN and CBC get in commercial $$.

anyone else notice that the first down line with TSN(not the Rona one, but the truck I beleive) is on an american field, that always ticks me off that they think CFL fans are too stupid to realize that the field isn't canadian, just look at those endzones and the fact the stadium doesn't look like any CFL stadium.

Who pays attention to the first down line trailer? Just another commercial... :roll: