1- 4 as of Friday Night

Let me be the first to say that I have been one of the biggest Bomber Bashers as of late. I guess I kind of snapped. The past couple of games our D has impressed. Too bad their stellar play had been over shadowed by a sad sack O.
The fact is I was one of the Guy's in the stands yelling "LET'S SEE TEE". You get my point. Now I'm calling for Tee's head on a platter. Did he get a fair shake. You bet. Is he starting material? NO!

To get to the point I am excited to learn that Glenn will start on Friday. I have heard and read the comments on how Winnipeg has no real # 1 guy. BS.
Glenn is our # 1 guy. He gave our O life last year after the Jones nightmare.
Glenn is a fine QB. That being said I am feeling a win comming.

The Bombers have been tough against the AL's at home in recent years. The D is clicking and in my eye's very good, and getting better yet. What we need is a O that can produce first downs, Take advantage of feild position & Ball Possession, and to SCORE POINTS...
I think we will do that with Glenn. I know he will do better then Tee has done.

It will be close, But Bombers by 6


The Bombers, even with Glenn at the helm, have yet to prove they are even average on offense. I think your prediction might be somewhat over-optimistic.

My Als are coming off a bye week rested, revitalized and eager to move into sole possession of first place in the East. Both Kevin Johnson and Paul Lambert are returning from injuries. Your Bombers defense is a gutsy group but I still pick Montreal by at least 10.

hopefully somewhat sleepy . :wink:

i honestly don't think we will win this game. i chose them because i want them to win and because it is the first time we have any hope of an offense this year. our oline is better- we'll see if it is good enough to handle a mont attack, roberts is good, our receivers have the ability but do they show up and is daley intelligent enough to replace peterson with stoddard- probably not but heres to hoping, glenn is drastically better than martin- so is everyone. our d is fine however taking on mont after a bye week and playing 40 min a game the last couple weeks will be taking its toll. we could pull this off if everything goes our way but i think it unlikely. i am feeling like daley is our biggest obstacle right now. that is sad.

If the BB somehow pull out a win this weekend it will be by pure fluke. There's simply no realistic reason to believe we will hit the 'W' column before the Aug 6 game in Calgary. At that point we'll be 0-6, but then the next 7 games are up for grabs.

Sorry to be a downer, but it WILL take a couple more games (at least) for the BB to become serious competition to most teams in the league. The good news is that I think we can get there with some minor tweaking (we need another receiver, OL nees to gel, and Glenn needs to be steady).

I guess what I'm saying is, as fans let's try to not completely lose it if we DO become 0-6 or even 0-8. We'll get our licks in.

if glenn at least gets us two offensive touchdowns i dont care im happy

let's hope Calvillo is a little off his game because he would rather be home with his new born daughter ....then again it might inspire him to play harder.......whatever, I think our D is playing well enough now to give the AL'S lots of trouble........now if we could only put a couple of td's on the board... who knows......could be a win.....go BigBlue..... :wink:

I pray that you are right!

i'd love to see what the bombers look like with a solid O, probably contenders i'd say!

I too hope papa is right and that Tonys mind will be on his new born and not the game, the Als have pounded us of late but I think the bombers pull this one off.

Back in my home town we have a very old tree at old town square, this tree produces a fruit early every few seasons, the name of the fruit is called Alouette apples and they are ripe for the pickings...lol

We have a very good harvest this year, Mayor Vickell anounces one more week of festive celabrations,..thanx to Roberts..n..Steagal..