1/2 MVP

1/2 way through and who is the MVP for you?

Wow, tough choices, several players have stepped up during the season to play a big role.

Going to have to think this one out.

Offensive-Simon (no doubt)


who voted for mccallum???

im gonna go with geroy

I'm gonna go with what andy_dobbs said. I think Geroy and Johnson have stepped up, and yah i would also like to know who voted for Mccallum?

Either Brent Johnson, or Geroy Simon. Dickenson is a close third, but he hasn't played all that much.

I voted for Macallum (sp?) and did it for one reason only...how many field goals has he missed, and how many times has a field goal been important to a win? IOW, if he hadn't have come through with the FG's, how many more would we have lost?

Though that being said, my initial reaction was Simon, with Johnson a close second.

Fair enough. Well said, you have a point.

Actually, hwgill made some solid points for McCallum. Paul has a pretty good percentage this year and has made some clutch kicks. That being said, Simon and Johnson are good choices.

Although my vote goes to Simon, I have been impressed with Miles. 8 interceptions so far, his best previous season was 7.