1-2-3 Let's make some noise! YECH!

What is up with that annoying chant Montreal plays every down they are on defense? It goes 1-2-3 Let's Make Some Noiiiise!!! and it gets repeated time and time again. I guess it is the only way to get the crowd fired up, but man is it annoying. Anyone else feel that way?

As an Argos fan I shouldn't complain because the announcer at the Rogers Centre yells "ARGOS" everytime they get a first down in the most annoying off-key rendition I've ever heard.

Find a better way to get the crowd juiced !

It is actually, "Faites du bruit, make some noise!"

Okay well thanks for the clarification... at least that's better than 1-2-3, just why play is so freakin' much.

BTW, tonight's Argo's game saw a lot of annoying Ti-Cats fan come to the Rogers Centre... they were quite confused an upset when they found out they couldn't leave the Dome for a smoke and then get back in... :cowboy:

Get them back please on September 11th! They played like garbage tonight and we handed them the game.