1, 11 or neither

With Drisan James dropped passes last week and Chris Davis' ineffective play yesterday, where do we go at WR? I am assuming Corey Grant was for Chris Davis a bit yesterday, so perhaps that is the direction. Corey Grant can't do any worse than Davis. At least he was not off side by 20 yards on more than one occasion. Bringing in Grant gives the opportunity to use one more import somewhere else.

Cory Grant should be going in for Bauman IMO. Adding a non-import would normally mean taking one out and we have no depth at reciever beyond Stella/Bauman/Grant. I'd rotate Caulley and Cobb put Cobb in the slot position, run a 3 back set etc. and take out both Davis and James as starters and only use them sparingly

Where is David Ball? He looked impressive in training camp.

He's on the injured list but is he really? And if so, what is the extent of the injury?

8) Apparently he did get injured (for real), while practising with the team this past week !!!
Don't know the extent of this injury though  !!!

Does anyone know what the injury is (leg, arm, upper body, etc)?

From what I have heard it's an Mild Ankle Tweek

Grant was in for Chis Bauman

Bauman and Grant each got 1 catch in yesterday's game, correct?

Ok, I need some schooling. If we release James or Davis and replace him on the roster with a Canadian, we could use another import somewhere else. So why not activate the Canadian receiver we got from out west ( name escapes me) and activate Caulley as a second running back.

The basic reason you will have trouble doing that is that if you release an import reciever and replace him with a non-import you now have no backup reciever. What happens if one of them gets injured? You now have 3 non-import starting recievers with a rookie backup to all 3. Bauman Grant and Stalla all would heve to play every down. The ratio problems your suggestion create are enormous

I wouldnt release Davis just yet,sure he has dropped some passes but he has also made some great catches.
He is still young and has lots of room to improve but I can see him being a great receiver sometime in the not so distant future and I would like it to be with Hamilton.
Right now I think he needs to relax a little and not let the pressure get to him,its almost like he was reading some of the posts on here lol
I think one of the reasons he was so good right out of the gate last year is because he came in late in the season and there was not such high expectations from him.
He has already proven he can make big plays now just needs the consistency.