1.069 Million watch Argos on TSN

I just heard on our local TSN radio when Mike Hogan just announced the unbelievable ratings for the game.
Being the third highest watched TV program for all of Saturday.
Winning the Toronto market as well.
This is not the first time, now if we can only translate this towards the stands.
There is no reason with our team being successful that we should not be getting 30k+ crowd at the crap dome.

I think the argos should move north, perhaps to Markham

I think that recent attendance in the last five years and even with them hitting 40,000 at a regular season game 6 years ago several games over 30,000, I think the fans are saying "We love the Argos but we hate Tuesday night games at Rogers Center".

I really think they should retake BMO Field which was at one time the home of the Argos. Do something to it like Winnipeg maybe? You will re-ignite those Argos pretty quick. Make it expandable to 50,000 for Grey Cups as the Rogers Center seems destined for grass.

It seems for the next few years they're going to be at Rogers Center though, maybe they can get out of it early if both sides agree and something is available for the Argos.

I completely disagree. The dome is palatable to many fans because they don't need to sit in Toronto traffic to get there, they can take the GO, especially Hamilton fans. Markham will ruin that. Go to BMO or Lamport or somewhere on the GO line.

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The location is palatable, the dome is a piece of crap.

There's your reason right there.

Could not agree more. Markham would be great, you can still get the downtown core coming up and the West and east end.

I'm sure the Markham NHL team if that happens will draw poorly as it's "out in the sticks". :wink: Or should that be a :lol:

Also, the Toronto Sun had Zach Collaros on the front page the other day before the game in Saskatchewan as I noticed in a magazine rack the other day in a grocery store here in Hamilton. That doesn't hurt I'm sure.

If we get a stadium, it MUST be away from the downtown, period.
Plenty of room anywhere in the GTA and within a drive or public transit.

ArgoT, remember the golden rule as I once heard, if a sports team doesn't play out of downtown there in Toronto or very, very close, it's irrelevant. :lol:

So by definition, the Riders, Oilers, Cowboys, Yankees, Manchester etc. just don't count. :lol:

Direct public transit from everywhere in the GTA is available only for a downtown location. You can't take transit direclty from Oakville to Markham, or Markham to Pickering, or Pickering to Oakville (for instance). So it's simply erroneous to suggest that "away from downtown" is accessible by both car and public transit.

Hammer I don't think you understand the dislike a lot of Argos fans have for the Dome and going downtown for a week night game

[url=http://www.gotransit.com/publicroot/en/schedule/pubsched.aspx?table=52&direction=1&day=1&page=1]http://www.gotransit.com/publicroot/en/ ... y=1&page=1[/url]

go train access. other transit access. hwy 407 and 404, etc

Better access for many who feel they are too far north/north east to make the trip downtown.

and the diehards from down south will still show up.

I think net result would be a gain, specially if somehow brailey could put together a way of matching wpg stadium

Decent number, helped by Saskie’s fans (as always).

I love the engineering marval. Can’t think of a better place to go. :thup:

The lid of the RC was a marvel at the time, just like the invention of wheels were at one time. But wooden wheels have been replaced by softer rubber ones just as lids on buildings that open and close is old news, many stadiums have that.

The key is design and the RC is an outdated bowl design cookie cutter stadium, doughnut style that just isn't done any longer. Multipurpose football and baseball stadiums are a thing of the past and simply a way to save money. They don't build them any longer for a reason and in the RC's case, it was actually designed much more for baseball than football ie. slope and look of the stadium in both setups. Not close, baseball 70 percent, football 30 percent in thought. IMHO.

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The Argos played a game by themselves? Oh, wait, they played the Riders. You know, that team in Saskatchewan that more often than not has the highest-rated game each week. But that's cool if you want to give the Argos all the credit.

If the Argos get their own stadium downtown, weeknight games would not be an issue.

Yes the best before date for the dome is long gone.
Plus it was never a good place to watch either sport, football or baseball.

Fans have no problem going downtown for a Leafs game. Nor do they have a problem going downtown for a Rock game and their numbers are very good for a niche sport. The location is not a problem. Access is less than a 5 minute walk from GO and TTC, almost all of it inside if there is bad weather.

It's purely a Skydump problem. Worst football stadium in North America.

The RC is on a subway line, Via Rail, Go Rail, bus line, a highway runs by it, plenty of parking lots in the area, and airport within walking distance. Thousands of hotel rooms within walking distance. If a stadium is central it's equal distance in four directions for people going to the stadium. Hundreds of thousands of young high income condo dwellers live within walking distance to the dome. The Jays have no problems with attendance when they play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursday.
The Als became successful in Montreal when they moved FROM the suburbs to the downtown. It's about going downtown, wandering around have a few drinks/dinner before or after the game.

STOP looking for excuses as to why there is a lack of interest in the CFL in Toronto.

Your title is misleading - over a million people watched the Argos AND THE RIDERS - the Riders regularly have a large viewership, so don't mislead us by trying to say that over a million watched the Argos, the Ticats or the Als would have got the same TV viewership on Saturday when playing the Riders.

When the idea for a new stadium was first proposed, there were a few sites that were debated. One was Downsview Air Base, which is a huge area north of downtown, transit available. They decided on present location instead, which I have always thought folly.... Another reason I have always thought the Skydump is horrible is the design. If you look at the other CFL venues except BC Place, which had it's own attendance problems, one factor is common, you can see the city you are in. Look at the pics that Drummergod has been posting. All the views are good because when you look away from the game you see life going on in the city. If you're going into a dome, you know that all you can see is inside the dome. Montreal fans love Molson Stadium because of the outside views. Ex Stadium was good for this reason too.