for a pre season game we looked very very good.jyles was horrible.both o and d lines looked ready.running game got it done when needed.recievers were fine.but what the @#!$,no hot chocolate .all in all was a fantatic evening GO RIDRES GO :smiley:

...I don't much cheer for the Ridres...

Then you're prefect for this forum.

Glad to see the guys have a good first game. sure, some are going to struggle out of the gate, but that is to be expected. Never heard any stats on Dressler as a returner. Anyone hear anything?

...the Riders, though, I like...cheer for those guys all the time...

I liked how Dressler would always catch the ball in the air... even if there was a guy standing 2 yards away. To me that shows alot of guts, and don't think that will go unnoticed.
Jyles stunk it up at first, but seemed to calm down a bit and moved the ball fairly well.
Wasn't too impressed with Crandell... looked the same as he did when he was battling with Nealon Greene for the starting spot.
Darian Durant by far played the best out of any of the quarterbacks. He has good speed, and that long touchdown pass was nice.
DJ Flick and Fantuz both looked like they haven't missed a beat. Add number 87 I think, and our recievers are going to be stellar.
Stu Foorde average around 8 yards a carry which is really good. It might have been because he was playing against mostly 2nd and third stringers but he looked like he could make it. Cates and Griffin also looked good.
John Chick, can't say enough about the guy. He looked unbelievable. Just need to find someone to fill in on the other side, although I think Jevon Hicks could be alright. He has some speed and is huge.
Our linebackers, I think, will do ok this year. They played sideline to sideline the whole game.
The db #5, he played pretty good, but also took a stupid penalty.
I think we will be ok this year. Was impressed with what I saw.

I have to admit that Griffin didn't impress me or the people sitting around me... but Foorde, he looked pretty amazing. Hughes was great too.

Agree Saskie. Hughes and Foorde were very good. Hope Coach Miller will keep both of them.