09 Argo Draft Picks

Don't know much about some of the later round picks. The Argos supposedly scout the CIS as well as any team so we will have to assume guys like Pollari, Sawyer, Deslaurier and Crawford are more diamonds in the rough. Can't argue with the likes of Tyler Scott, Mark Dewit, Brian Crawford and Andre Talbot to name some of their past late round picks.

I would have liked for them to take OL Matt Morencie who will probably be BC's starting center in a few years. History is against guys like OL's Pollari and Sawyer ever becoming starters. Nobody else had them rated highly that I ever heard.
It seems that WR's, DB's and LB's taken in the late rounds can be developed into starters or good special team guys, don't see too many OL's that are not taken in the top two rounds make it as starters. The exception would be 4th year juniors (Brian Ramsey) in the NCAA, but they would be top picks if drafted in their senior year.

Etienne Legare should develop into a starter in a year or two. At least a guy who can play in the rotation.
Lambros has size and speed but will have to prove he can use that to his advantage in the pros. If the Argos are looking at going with two starting Canadian receivers, then he gives them some depth I guess.

There generally are a few FA's who turn out better than the draftees. Andre Durie comes to mind (if he could stay healthy).
So DB Matt Morris might be a guy they could give a look. He's a little on the short side at about 5'08 but plays big IMO. But they have a big DB James Green drafted who might turn out to be another Kevin Eiben, who knows.

I would give them a B+ for Legare but a C for the rest of their picks. Pollari, Sawyer, Crawford and Deslaurier will all probably go back to school for another year with the hopes they will continue to get better and provide some depth down the road.

The drafting of Legare in the first round was a smart move by the Argos. Not only does it give them a starter in the near future, it prevented Hamilton from improving a defensive line that has no proven Canadians.

As for Lambrose, a receiver with speed, this confirms Coach Andrus vow to stretch the field offensively this season. As for the later round picks, hopefully they can contribute like past years have. Thought the Argos could have drafted more known prospects (ie Morencie & Bachyae).

Any one know how Legare is doing in training camp so far?

Pretty good, from the sound of it.

Belli and JB are injured so Legare's been getting a lot of attention so far. Coach is happy with him, and looking forward to seeing him in preseason.

He's seems to be doing OK from what I've seen and heard. I think he's finding out that he can't overpower CFL O-Linemen as most of them are bigger than he is. Like most CFL DL's he will have to learn to use quickness and technique to beat his blockers. At 6'03 260 he should do alright in a four man front but I don't think he's big enough to play the nose tackle full time and at 26 years old he isn't going to grow any bigger.

With Jonathan Brown pretty much done for the year, I think Legare is going to see a LOT of playing time this year. The best way to learn is to play with the big boys!