'08 Pre-Season Starts Monday

I don't think we have had such a good bunch of prospects and vets to start a camp as this bunch in years. I am very excited at the prospects for '08.......really, I am! :thup:

Go '08 Cats,

I agree with your observations.

The team is predictably in a transition right now due to the dismantling of the '06 team and coaches pretty much but we do have some names starting to emerge as the nucleus going into next year.

I believe, going by the math we'd have to win our last 5 and the Argos would have to lose their last 5 for us to take 3rd (a tie in standings would go to the Argos), so you're right that the '08 training camp pretty much starts Monday......although it would be great if we started winning in spite of our playoff chances.

Moreno and McKay-Loescher have been my favourite additions so far for leadership and playmaking.

I believe the team is heading in the right direction.

(Can't wait for the Saskatchewan home and home)


I feel that as long as we have both Williams and Printers healthy for all or at least most of 08 we will have a winning season and make the playoffs.

Hang on.

If the 08 pre-season starts Monday, then we still have an outside shot at making the play-offs.

Remember, the TiCats are undefeated in pre-season play these past couple of years.

Oskee Wee Wee!

Never thought of it that way .....that's a good observation....game on! :lol:


The year of The CATS!!! We will have a good team next year. Im really hoping the ticats coaching staff gets their act together too. I know its not the coaches fault for all of these losses but i think they`ve been unorganized and have failed to implement any programs for all these mistakes the players have been making. For example players not conceding a point and running the ball out. Defensive coordinators not sending in plays,etc...But if we can get all of these facets together for next year. The cats will make the playoffs.

We will not make the playoffs next year unless Desjardins gets at least two more good starting receivers to go with Ralph and Armstead.

Does anyone here have a print shop and some gold t-shirts? Because I was ready after the last Alouettes game to start wearing a shirt that says “Tiger-Cats Training Camp 2008.”

There's a better chance Edmonton and Calgary
will go winless in the next five games than
the ARGO's losing. With the lack of starting
QB's in edmonton and calgary this wouldn't
suprise me.
But can the Cats win five and move into
third place in the West is doubtful.