08 Grey Cup on 23 indoors ,& Calgary on 29 outdoors

I dont understand can someone explain, normlly the opposite. A week earlier out west because of the weather and the Grey Cup being played outdoors in Calgary. Whats with this Mr. Cohon, does not make sense, should it not be changed to the Nov. 22/ 09.
Nov. 29th /09 is almost Dec. where is the logic and I`m planning to go to the Grey Cup in Calgary with my son who now lives in Calgary.

            What are your thoughts on this CFL FANS, and lets all of us be nice to each other, enough said, were all CFL fans and that`s what is important, so we all should be friends.

              Take Care, Spyder*

Do you really think 6 days is going to make all that much difference?
In 2005 it was on the 27th
2006 the 19th
2008 the 25th

I do believe a couple of GC games were played in December. The 1972 game and the 1967 game, both involving the same two teams-Saskatchewan and Hamilton. The 1967 game was on Dec 2, and the 1972 game was on Dec 3. A game on the 29th of November is not so bad.

PS- There were a few early GC games played in December- all you have to do is to go to the MORE tab at the top of the page and click on Grey Cup. It gives the scores of past games and if you click on one of those you will get details of the game, including the date the game was played.

Late November and early December the last few years have not been bad for Calgary. I would play mid day not the evening though.

A week earlier probably makes less difference in Calgary than Winnipeg or Regina.

Get a chinook wind and we'll be able to wear T-shirts! :wink:

Your right sporty and thats the way it has been for the last few years. But once the sun drops out of the sky it can be a bit cold. You just have to dress for it.

Get a 40 of Crown Royal and we'll be able to wear NO shirts!

Great Quote!

Except, make mine Bacardi! :wink:

Deal. See you in November. I'll be standing beside Kel, so look for a guy with duct tape over his mouth, and I'll be to his right.

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Back to back good posts!

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Good posts, indeed. :lol: :lol:

I went in 2000, that was awesome. It was cold but i mean, i've spent many winters in Sudbury and Bracebridge ONtario, it don't bother me really. We drove 13 hours to see BC win. Went to both of Lui's last games, his last home game and his last away game.

The GC should anually be played in of our indoord facilities. I remember The Als being beaten in the 70's in Calgary in severe cold and wind. They blew a field goal from a short distance. They were beaten by the cold and the wind.

Ya but whoever they lost to was playing in the same wind and cold.

I remember the year the propane heater went down and Doug Flutie almost froze his hands. It would be nice to have the premier game of the year indoors but really it would not be fair to the other teams. And thats face it we have been to games with bad weather and the fans still had a great time. Remember the light show this past year in Regina. Not only did you get a barn burner of a game but an electric light show to boot. Most CFL fans had no idea who won the game until the next day.

I think the best games are the ones in bad weather

Your right Ro. Now that I think over the years many games that were great had a some form of bad weather to it. It is to bad they could not start the games mid May though and end the season around Thanksgiving.

There's really no reason they can't be in training camp right now. Open first weekend in June...Thanksgiving games would mark the end of the regular season, the Grey Cup would be done by November 1.

I think the best games are the ones in bad weather
I'm getting old so I can't remember the year but it was between '65 and '75. I think it was Sask-Calgary and the Sask. kicker punted and when the wind caught it the ball blew back over his head.

Loved it! Anyone else remember this one with the details?