08/07 Halftime show

Ok, I have to voice this. I was praying to the gods at TSN that none of what was happening on the field was being broadcast out to the rest of world. (Not that it usually is). Is that the best we can do? Various corporate mascots twirling ribbon batons? Even Gainer looked like he just wanted to kick their asses for stupidity. Now THAT would have been entertaing, a mascot fight!

I thought it was hilarious.

It was an improvement over the game of soccer the mascots played last year.

I wish they'd have more minor football games at halftime, those are usually entertaining.

Why don't they bring the Lions Back. I really enjoyed them back in the day, but it did get old when it was every single game.

grantit i dont live by a cfl stadium anymore, HOWEVER minor football is no.1 on my list, closely followed by the dog shows they used to do. - it was fun ( as a kid ) lol, probably be fun for the drunks, and still keeping in with the family atmosphere of things too =)