07 Tiger-cats= 08 Stampeders

Jojuan Armour, Richard KariKari, Nate Curry, Dwight Anderson, Ryan Donelly. Am i missing anybody? i don't understand why a team would pick up so many pieces from a 3-15 team.

3-15 teams still have decent players.

Who says they'll make the team.

I dont have a problem signing them.

Jojuan Armour is the best player of the bunch. Donelly is a team player so he is a good signing to. The other 3 are mind boggling. KariKari and Anderson get burned constantly, and Curry was just so so.

Wait until after training camp. A few years ago I questioned some of the Lions signings only to see them cut at camp.

Donelly signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Donelly went to the Bombers. Again they could be just for TC to push veterans.

Dwight Anderson was a raw rookie, with virtually no help in the Tabbies secondary, so it'll be interesting to see if he's really as bad as he looked at times.

I do recall his endzone pick against Akili that pretty much cost the latter his job - that was a decent play...so who knows.

Karikari is a turnstile. His only attribute is that he's a non-import.

Karikari has been playing out of position for the last few years. It should be interesting for him to be back in his regular position.

are tickets on sale yet red?

A utility guy, can play any position on the line, probably a # 6 or 7 guy on the depth chart at most.

Armour is the real deal as far as linebackers go. The rest bring competition to camp if nothing else.

I believe they are there corny.

I agree piggy. when you can add depth to your Canadian content that is a good thing. I thin Armour will be the only guy around out the group when the season starts. I still think Sankey would be good for the Bombers.

The Riders won the Grey Cup with players like D.J Flick from Hamilton, as well as players from the Ottawa Renegades. They aren't all bad. Alot has to do with the coaching in Hamilton.

Agreed greenandwhite the only team I was afraid of the stamps playing last year were the tiger cats. they had talent but do not have coaching talent. And teams take them lightly. Never fight an injured tiger cat. But at TC you need competition.

I think he would find the Bomber offensive system to his liking. Do you think he played the best football in his CFL career last year with the Stamps ? I really can't remember ever seeing him looking as good as he did before.

You have to remember that Hamilton wasn’t that far off. VERY bad officiating against BC early and a couple close games that could have gone either way.

Armour is primo, while I see Dwight Anderson as a guy with Deangelo Hall talent.

Stamps will win 9 I think. Lions or Riders win division. But with 11 wins or less. Eskimos win 8 but make playoffs in crossover. The west is good and even. Dont be surprised with all west Grey Cup. Crossover team may have best chance to get to cup.

I can't see an all West final.
Winnipeg should be co-favourites to win the Grey Cup this year along with BC.
With that formidable defence in TO, they were a dark horse, but with weak QBing, they were in tough.
For some reason, I no longer see QB as a weak link in TO this year, so I would have TO as the 3rd best shot at a Cup.
Then the Riders will struggle to remain second in the West.
But there is no reason to think the West will run roughshod over the East this year.
BC is the class of the West, but are weak at QB.
If either of their guys can step up, it might be over by Labour Day....

Armour is a good linebacker, one of our top tacklers last year. As I understand it the only reason he was let go was because of the ratio: Obie wants a Canadian at his linebacker spot.

Karikari I don't understand. I know he played well in Montreal, but he seemed to get burned a lot here.

Curry was inconsistent. Look at his highlight reel and you think he's Terrell Owens; look at the rest of his plays and you think he's, well, ME!

Anderson was a hothead. He blew up at coaches, other players (including teammates) and officials. He played well for a rookie, but his temper wasn't worth it.

Donnelly was a surprise cut. Short snapper on placekicks, and as I understand it, versatile enough to play a couple of positions. I don't understand why the Cats cut him, but the Bombers picked up a good player here.

He played well in the past and last year if he had more games he would have done very well. What I like about him he does not panic or makes poor reads. He is a good qb but has not had a chance to really show what he can do.