07 showing signs of repeating 06

When will the Ticat management ever learn new names same mistakes why would you cut the only leadership this team has yes your rebuilding and you want young guns but you also need the experience of the vets to calm the young guys down "it dont matter if you can run 90 miles an hour if it is in the wrong direction"


Nuff said

Leadership comes from the top and with an experienced and proven head coach and a very experienced coaching staff, that is where it starts.

I didn't answer the poll question because it doesn't make sense, we have a lot of guys with good experience in the CFL - maybe not 10+ years - who now have to step up on the player side and be leaders.

I think making these tough decisions should be a clear indicator that we aren't on the same path and Charlie and Marcel will make the very tough decisions.

Football is an emotional game. When it gets tough the true players dig deep and play hard. My worry is that we have lost a very big piece of the heart this team will need to be successful this year. Marcel explained that both players would have had a limited role this year mainly as special teams. Maybe short sighted on the Cats part to think that the lessor role was a bad thing as the locker room has lost its leadership.

it always amuses me when fans think they know more than management and coaches. if you're so much smarter than they are, why didnt you apply to be the coach or GM? no seriously, if you're that good and you know that much about football, why wouldnt they have hired you?
Because you have no experience and you're talking out of your @$$ cuz your fav player got cut?
im not saying you dont make valid points, but you talk as if everything you say is news to the world and no one thought about that before making this decision.

The Tiger Cats made a very difficult player/s decision after the release of Mike and Rob. In order for this team to go forward these type of decisions must be made. There are numerous players in the locker room who will step up and become the leaders.

Take a long hard look at the Maple Leafs. With the likes of Sundeen - ( too old ) and their GM Ferguson - same old crap year after year. There is a time when the old guard moves on and the rookies - and current players get the job done.

Hats off to Marcel and Charlie - tough decision handled in avery classy way - most teams - see ya - sorry for your luck.

If you noticed during the press conference, both Rob and Mike quickly indentified other leaders in the dressing room, including Auggie, Hudson, Cheron, and Mariuz.

If you could find the part where Rob and Mike stared into space for 30 seconds and went in stereo "um, ahhhhhhhm, errrrrrr, let's see, gee that's difficult to say, ummmmmmmmmmm, eeeeeeeeeeeek, can we take a pass on that?," I'd appreciate it. :wink:

Leadership is earned through effort and example. New leaders will emerge. That is the process in team sport.

Oski Wee Wee,


Nuff said

Not exactly...5-13 in 2004 too...

Now, more than 'NUFF said!

Once again, a first post on this site with all sorts of words of wisdom. You're right Knight8412...Charlie, Marcel and the gang, they don't know nothing. You're the man (or woman)...you got it all figured out...Stop wasting our time with all this garbage.


Maybe they want leaders who won't lead the team to 1-17, 4-14 etc etc.

The FUTURE is rosy.

I love these two guys
But as Bob Put it Time is Unyielding Master
They made Right move but it still sad to see them go

I have faith in Taafe.

hmmm nothing is safe any more MAAS! Should be very interesting this year!

I have faith in Taafe.
Me too!

There will be no problem finding new team leaders. There remains enough experience on this team to show better leadership than we've been used to seeing in the past few years.

And guess what! Even if the experienced players don't step into leadership roles, it won't matter, because some one will; perhaps Tay Cody or some one like him.

Bottom line is - we were 4-14 last year. Whatever it takes to improve (greatly) on that, is fine with me. New leaders will emerge.