07 Season Tickets

A winning 50/50 ticket is all that I require

thank you and good evening :cowboy:

Can EVERY other team duplicate the gameday experience that we have here in Hamilton?

losing?....opening a giant flag b4 games?

montreal has entire orchestras, wrestling matches and more...and THEY have nice, professional lookin tickets.

DG...just stay in toronto.

i think i will....y pay money to hang out with the likes of u?

Um, the explanation can be found in your .sig:

We don't ever want to see anyone post "BRING BACK THE 'CATS'!!!" on a Canadian football forum, so we are going to continue to be frugal.

Having said that, we are continuing to study how to produce prettier tickets without increasing costs. Last year's tix were pretty ugly.

That's one team

edmonton fires off tons of fireworks after every TD ( not to mention one of the best cheer teams in north america ). toronto has 'see u on the field', and live musical acts ( remember that hamilton band that was supposed to perform at the half at IWS, then didnt for 'some reason'?..and we got treated to watching a music video on the tiger-tron...OH YEA! )...

ti-cats dont have pyro, or live acts, orcestras, wrestling matches, 'see u on the field', fancy tickets, a winning OR competitive team or ANYTHING....

don't u people care that every other CFL city seems to get MUCH MORE for thier dollar?

I think d_g is a closet ticats fan. Its ok man we'll get better.

i am a ticat fan....and a fan of every other team in the league...but its hard to throw support/money behind this team, when they do so many things wrong.

Only winning situation here for our owner is nice looking tickets and a winning team. Anything else is "our tickets look ugly" or "our tickets look great but our owner should worry more about the on-field product."

Really I wonder why anyone regardless of how much money they have would want to own a pro sports team, sometimes really baffles my mind.

its the same thing as being a mayor of a city...your gonna please some, while disappointing others.

Is there anyway we can reverse time and spend the money on nice '06 tickets and give back Maas to Edmonton?

Rats!!! didn’t think so. :frowning: