07 Season Tickets

Could the powers that be please consider improving the appearance of our season tickets for this season? The generic Ticketmaster critters that have been sent out the past few years are ugly and unacceptable.

Been there , done that.....to death.

Appearently the money is better spent on high quality players like..........................oh yea , Jason Maas.

Bob presented it as an either or scenario. I think there are more than two options here and I know I'm not the only one who's dissatisfied with what's been sent out the past three years.


You mean to tell me that you didn’t accept them because you didn’t like the look of them?

who much do you think it costs to produce these tickets? And would would happen if you lost a ticket...or a few?

Give it a Break AB :roll:

I'm sorry but what are you saying?
People lose tixs?

Which side of the fence are you on?

BTW , I hope you don't mind me fixing your spelling mistakes. :wink:

Thanks Geoffrey you are a saint. In talking with my account rep., he said that he reprints about 50 - 100 season ticket accounts a year. Which would very from one ticket to the entire batch per person.

So would these people expect to receive the flashy tickets again after they had lost their original ones?

Also no one has answered my question as to how much they believe it costs to produce fancy tickets?

I believe Bob answered your question last year in the same post where he explained how it was a cost cutting measure designed to give us a better team.

Which acct exec is giving per year stats?
Neither has over a year ot the job?

Is this your first year with the team?
The collectable style tickets were lost plenty in the past and replacing them with identical ones wasn't (and shouldn't be) option

We're betting you'll all have forgotten your disappointment at not having received flashy tickets by the end of this season
Ahem... :wink:

I don't care what the ticket looks like, it's where the ticket gets me that matters. So, if the ticket gets me into Ivor Wynne to watch the Cats', I could careless what it looks like.

That's unfortunate but understandable, when I was 13 I cared very little about anything either. I do find though that as I get older I like to look back at some of the images on sheets and stubs and enjoy the memories of winning.
One year had images of all our Grey Cup rings on them and unless you have access to a private stash of pictures that's something you may never have a chance to see.

I do agree though that it's hardly the end of the world, fans have been told no before and managed to live through it. Now lets do away with those glossy pocket skeds and quit giving away free stuff at the gates so we can really start saving and winning. :wink:

Brainstorm Alert:

Perhaps to please everyone, a special creation of a collectors edition of a designed sheet of tickets can be the “poster” next year that comes out for Fan Appreciation Day…that way people can just use their normal tickets as usual, not worry about damaging the stubbs or losing them…knowing the poster will save the day… :smiley:

Personally, I’m a slob and careless…I’ll get mustard on my tickets or lose them for sure… a poster of “cool looking tickets” would help me out for sure. :cowboy:

The appearance of season tickets has been a discussion on this board for a couple years now. To answer a few questions; it is very expensive to produce pictured tickets. Any where from $30,000 to $100,000. Also, they can only be ordered once.

If a mailing address is incorrect, if they go missing/lost in the mail, or if they are not purchased or paid in full by April they can not be reproduced.

It simply comes down to the budget. If we have the room in the budget we would get the ticket produced. We continually examine the issue and every year try to make room for the pictured tickets in our budget. Is it worth spending that money on a player, stadium improvements, gameday events, ect. or fancy tickets?

fancy tickets!

how is it, EVERY other team in this league can do BOTH fancy tickets as well as the other stuff listed AND field a competitive team, yet the Ti-cats can't?

please explain....


are you even a season ticket holder, or are you just complaing for the sake of complaining

i buy individual game day ticket to both ticat games AND argo games.

last season, i went to 6 of the 9 argo games and only 2 ticat games ( i couldnt stomach to go to any more than 2 )...i usually go with friends, and my friends always chose to go to a competitive argo game than a blow-out ticat game...i dont blame them.

i'm thinkin of buyin season tickets to one of those teams this season....but the argos seem to know to give thier season ticket holders something more special than the guy who buys walk-ups, so i am leaning more to argo seasons right now.

even if i do buy argo seasons, i still plan on going to a few ticat games, if just to show off the lumsden jersey i'm getting for x-mas!

I am not sure if it is my place to discuss what other teams do or don't do as I have no idea what their budget is and how closely the follow it.

We are only entering the 4th season with the current ownership and I would think many of our start up costs would be on the books.

For example some teams season tickets roughly cost $100,000. Does an expense like that allow them to be profitable or break even? I don't know that for all to guess.

well i guess the Ticats should spend $50,000(+) just so you will become a season ticket holder

I am all done with the looking good be it the park or the tickets .
Show me some good football.