'07 sacrifice

i’m sure someone else out there feels that maybe the team selected all these young guys with little experience that equals little pay so that they could be in position to sign casey. if that was the plan to keep all these young guys and hopefully win a handful of games and be respectable by labour day until they can sign casey, then that’s a bad game plan folks.the gm deserves no credit for signing him. he was available and of course the tiger-cats were the only team that could sign him because they chose to go with a young, maybe undermanned team and take the lumps along the way.jason medlock drove up the price by bluffing marcel into thinking casey was actually going to mtl.nobody else could sign him and you could have got him for at least 50K less.now what, you’re stuck with this team til next season cause anyone making any $$ is guaranteed past sept 1.all these posts are singling out the coaches, and rightfully so, but you shouldn’t be stopping at the coaches.

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