07 draft

just out of curiosity but does anyone know wat the draft will look like this year. I don't really kepp up with the CIS ecept the Huskies so i don't have a clue.


There aren't too many "can't miss" players, but the Riders could go after some local talent: Rempel (OL) UofS, or receivers Bauman and Getzlaf from UofR. Would be nice to see ONE of them get drafted and play for the good guys. Due to the trade for KJoseph, we don't have a pick till the second round.

I'd like to see Chris Getzlaf here, but with all our current talent at the receiver position Tillman might use our picks to fill in some holes on our defense. A good Canadian receiver would still bring some good competition to camp if we decide to keep him and get rid of one of our imports, which is a very possible scenario. Either way, I'm hoping we get a good prospect who will play hard and make a good impact for our team in the near future.

I think the area needed is in running back, especially for Chris Szarka's replacement. Next is a defensive lineman.

But because Canadian drafts can be rather shallow, we should draft the best available athlete no mattter what position he plays or where he went to school or was born. Please Mr. Tillman and Austin... do not submit to fan pressure and see "home town" boys over others. Pick the best athlete no matter where he is from.

I think we blew it two years ago when we drafted Nathan Hoffart who in my opinion will rarely start a game on special teams let alone one as a receiver. A wasted pick in my opinion and one made for no other reason other than he was from Saskatchewan.

The problem that Nathan had was getting seriously injured, before that he was coming along and I believe could have contributed to the team. Last year he did spend a lot of time with the team at practice but his body just took to long to heal up.

I do think our drafts last year have turned out very good.

I have friends who played with Hoffart at the U of S, and they were very suprised that he was picked so high, and that he made the team at all. I agree it was a wasted pick. Tillman should look at getting Jeff Piercy over here from Mtl. Hes a local boy, but also a good player.

I heard the same gossip myself about Hoffart.

I am convinced that Shivers was trying to make amends to certain fans for failing to swing a deal to draft Clermont (who is now a star player), so he drafts Hoffart... If he did not and Hoffart turned into a player, Shivers would have needed body guards to buy a six pack in Regina.

John Ryan's brother plays for the Rams, doesn't he? Anybody know any info on him?

Roy never had a chance to draft Clermont, and he isn’t the kind of person to lose any sleep over the fact.
According to Tillman, who passed twice on Clermont, Roy did in fact try to make a deal.
Tillman turned him down, and then drafted 2 other players.
BC tried to trade up as well. When they could not, they took Clermont. You can’t make a deal if the other side doesn’t want to.
Anyway, if Hoffart doesn’t sustain a serious knee injury, he would be playing today.
I am not sure how you can second guess a pick when the guy gets hurt?
If you want to pick on Roy about his drafts, ask about Augustin Ducarmel.
Now that was a mistake…
I’ll add that Alex Smith was as important in any decisions at the Canadian draft as Roy or Danny were–he assessed the talent–and guess what?
He continues to do that job under the new regime…

Roy Roy Roy, boo hoo....Long live Tillman

He is a Db, nothing special as far as I know

He's alright, he was tied for the team lead in interceptions for the past two seasons with 3 each year.I think we could get him later in the draft but should look at another db in the earlier rounds, possibly Charpenter or Gagnier.