07.08.05 Als over Esks 32-29 -- Postmortem

Okay, Als fans, specific thoughts on player performances (apart from the obvious with Landry and Duval), and how we can get better? Here are my two cents.

  1. Kelly Malveaux had an outstanding game. Witness the fact that Jason Tucker was not a factor at all for the Eskimos and Malveaux stayed with him on some tough deep routes to break up potential TD passes. I am liking Malveaux more and more at weak-side corner because it's a position that depends on speed and good reflexes. He seems to be excelling. I never liked him at halfback because I thought he was too small to cover your typical hulking CFL slotback but the wide corner spot suits him perfectly.

  2. I think AC needs to stretch defenses a little more. We've really gone to a short-route game this year, and while it's paid dividends, with guys like Watkins and Cavil, and with our outstanding O-line to give AC time to look downfield, we should put the fear of god into opposing defenses. This short-route predilection also makes our passing game a tad predictable, I think, especially when we run the ball so infrequently. Either start going deep or give the RB more touches and we'll find the end zone more often.

  3. I like the defensive adjustments we made after the first quarter. It showed true heart. Ray killed us early but we recovered and made him look quite beatable for the rest of the game despite the absence of Kevin Johnson. Where was Megna, though?

  4. Karikari had a great game with two INTs. With his 4.3 speed and developing ability to read QBs, he is going to be gold at safety.

  5. We need to improve special teams coverage in a big way. We've now allowed two kick-returns for touchdowns in three games. Unacceptable.

  6. Fiacconi was solid replacing Lambert. The mighty Esks D-line managed only one sack and Montford was nowhere near Calvillo the whole night.

  7. Enough with the stupid penalties already. We're not going to be a championship contender if we keep going off-side, roughing the passer, or jumping on the line of scrimmage. These are all mistakes that should be easily corrected.

  8. Quiet return for Kwame Cavil but I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him when he gets his timing back.

  9. I really like what I see from Vilimek this year. He's got size and strength, blocks well and can catch passes out of the backfield. He's almost a fullback/tight-end hybrid.

  10. We managed to beat the Esks last night despite a secondary that really doesn't know itself yet. That's impressive. When those five guys get on the same page and start to work as a cohesive unit, we will be even more potent on defense.

Unfortunately I missed this game (figures the one game I dont watch is the best game so far this year) I did see the als practice recently and I agree that villimek has shown some solid stuff. I think we will go back to stretching defences more once Girard is healthy again as he is our best deep threat. We got a bye week and then we play winnipeg he should be ready for that game. As for the penalties I would not be too concerned about it because we had the same thing last year i remember for hte first half of the year the als led the league in penalties and by the end they were near the bottom so I think thatll even itself out in time