06' Schedule

What do you guys think of it? Don't you think the first 5 weeks of the season will be boring, seeing only Winnepeg and Hamilton, in addition to 2 pre-season games against Winnepeg?

Do you really want an answer ?

Any fan could have come up with a better schedule for the whole league !

I think it was an accident. They didn't look at the pre-season games and the first couple of games.

I think the first rule was to keep all the HOME games for all the teams the same. Which is the BEST idea.

Then they had to co-ordinate all the games to add Winnipeg in our division instead of Ottawa, which the CFL liked to make our #1 rivals we play often.

Then they thought of the Big O game and wanted Edmonton to rake in the pre-Grey Cup rematch money! THAT was a big plan I'm sure. Instead of having Toronto for a fight for first, we get a Grey Cup Rematch & possible preview.

Ahh well, at least both those temas have some big changes so it'll be interesting to see them in action, especially Hamilton.

They did the best they could do in the short time they had to come up with a new sch after the Ottawa suspension.

Personally I'd rather see Edmonton here in a game at the begining of the season or in middle. Not the before last game, when maybe both teams clinched 1st place, therefore nothing to play for, so they take it easy and put backups in. I find the Edmonton games are so fun! The best, after BC. I think it sucks that it has to be a team from the West who has to play this type of game at the big owe.

Is anyone not steamed by the fact that we have to play two games in five nights THREE TIMES this season? Give me a break. These schedule-makers should be fired. It should be EASIER to draw up balanced schedules with an eight-team league, not harder. I don't care how last-minute this was.

They should have got me to do the schedule.
The fact we play Winnipeg twice in a row at HOME is the worst.
At least Hamilton will have some great new guys in there to see in action.
It’s not the end of the world. The Als will be 5-0 when we head to Edmonton and Winnipeg will be 0-5 that’s all :smiley: