'06 Grey Cup Officially Sold-Out!!!

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/GreyCup/2006/11/14/2351780-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 0-sun.html[/url]

The B.C. Lions and Montreal Alouettes will meet in the CFL championship game on Sunday night, and there are still approximately 2,300 tickets left to be purchased.

The capacity for Sunday's game is 44,784, which means approximately 42,500 tickets have already been sold.

The odds of a sellout aren't looking too good right now, but Bauer said it's not vital for the bottom line.

"I don't think the selling out is the imperative piece of it," he said. "What is imperative is that we have a very good crowd that sees the two top teams in the country and this city puts on the best show possible for the entire week.

"If we happen to sell out, that's great. But our projections and what we believe our club will come away with as a result of the Grey Cup and festivals is right on track."

The Winnipeg Football Club is still hoping to make a profit of between $2 million and $4 million, even if the game doesn't sell out.

The good news for fans who have purchased tickets is that Sunday's forecast calls for sunny skies and a high of 3 C.

My reaction: who cares. The game should be a dandy, I wouldn’t care if no one showed up, I will be glued to my TV set from about 4:00 onwards on Sunday night.

I just gotta wonder: what's up with that? I feel the same when I see a college bowl game in December, and the stadium's half empty...ATTENTION, GOOD FOOTBALL-LOVING CITIZENS OF WINNIPEG: THERE IS A >>BIG GAME<< GOING ON IN YOUR CITY! PULL ON THE LONG UNDIES, BUNDLE UP, GO ENJOY IT!

if this game doesnt sell-out, i dont think the grey cup will be in winipeg for another 15 years.

Let's see then, no game in the Peg for 15 years, Hamilton doesn't want to stage one in IWS as it is, Toronto is only good for one every 15 years etc. Pretty soon you might be left with no city having one. So a couple thousand seats are unsold, I don't see this as a big deal. 5,000 + seats unsold, then yes, a problem.

toronto is getting the grey cup again in 5 years, for the 100th grey cup.

How do you know this dg? What if Hamilton builds a new stadium???

i know this cuz thats what edmontons president said in an article when asked why they are going for the 99th grey cup and not the 100th...he said, torontos already got it.

the '07 grey cup is essentially practice for the 100th grey cup.

i have mixed feelings about this. part of me is dissappointed that this game will not sell out but then there is part of me that thinks the cfl is pricing this game out of its main market. the beauty of the cfl is that it is still accessible to the commoner. however the grey cup is expensive for many people. i realize it is not compared with many other events but for nosebleed endzone seats at $130 or whatever it is for a three-4 hour game i can see why a lot of people choose to wtch it at home. having been to a grey cup i understand the value that is there for your money but it is still merely entertainment. a piece of me wishes that the nosebleeds were set around $50 so that most people could easily afford it but I realize that this would hurt the league as it is revenue driven. oh the dilemma. one possible solution to guarentee a sell out (if only the cfl knew how to market) is to push companies and wealthier individuals to donate seats to charities. there are thousands of underprivelaged youth that would love to go to this game if they were given seats. this would be tax deductable for the donators and an incredible experience for someone who would be otherwise unable to go. Then you could add competition and give a prize/game day recognition to the companies that donated the most seats to charity. the prize could be a trip for two on the bomber cruise that will likely not sell out anyways. there now everyone wins and it does cost the cfl much of anything. if the cfl even tried to be innovative in marketting one of these days it could do wonders. Tom Wright was a big step forward but there is still so far to go.

unrelated to what were talkin about, earl, heres a tsn video on this years grey cup:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/audio_video/player/index.asp?reel=28074]http://www.tsn.ca/audio_video/player/in ... reel=28074[/url]

heres sportsnet video on the als:

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/videoPlayer.php?url=rtmp://]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/videoPla ... _11_13.flv[/url]

heres a tsn vid on the lions:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/audio_video/player/index.asp?reel=28076]http://www.tsn.ca/audio_video/player/in ... reel=28076[/url]

Well, I think I need more proof of that than an article like this. By that time, MLSE may own the Argos and who knows if they would want to stage it. But why wouldn’t they, the 100th will be friggin HUGE I will admit.
Thanks, will check that out.

Good post blackdale.

If this game doesnt sell out,not only will Winnipeg not get another GC for awhile, but you can bet the NHL will look at it and say, if they cant sell out a GC game, how are they going to sell out an NHL game?

...What if Winnipeg builds a new stadium....it's a 'long time' between being awarded the Cup.....i think we'll see some sort of covered stadium by then....Rumours are there will be an announcement, ...during this Cup week...that the Aspers are going to be part owners of the Bombers....IF ....that happens...COULD this mean a new home for football fans in the Peg....we'll see.... :roll: :wink:There has definitely been talks... :thup:

I think the fact that they are this close to a sellout when the tickets are fairly highly priced combined that the game will be played in darkness in Winnipeg at this time of the year when it could be downright nasty, is pretty darn good. End zone seats should be no more than $60.00 max.

where did u hear this rumor?...maybe thats why the results of the feasability study are 2.5 years overdue?...haha...holding it off for grey cup week.

sidenote: according to a winnipegsun poll, almost 75% of winnipeggers are rooting for the Lions this weekend.

...its been known for quite awhile that the Aspers are VERY interested in Bomber ownership....the sticking point is that they want 51% ...and controlling interest in the BigBlue.....that point has not been hammered out yet....and i think thats what is holding up any announcement.....lets see if the rumours aren;t true...i think people in the Peg are getting a little frustrated with 'no-action' being taken on the new facility.....here's hopin'... :thup:...Go Leos....Go Als.....should be a great game... :wink:

Any ideas on where in the Peg the new Stadium will be built , papa?

near a swamp filled with mosquitos, last i read....and im serious.

....Different sites have been proposed....and that is another 'sticking' point that has to be resolved....A lot of folks want it built downtown....my choice would be the outskirts ...around the Perimiter Hwy....where its least congested...however access 'downtown' would be great for everyone....just don't know about parking... :roll: