06 Grey Cup Champion

I never said they had the worst D, i think you better look at the other thread again.

sambo42 wrote:
No, Ottawa D was even worse than the bombers D last year. The Gades gave up the most points in the league, they were on the field so much, you almost forgot that Ottawa had an offence.

actually sambo, hamilton gave up the most points, which is what I have been telling you and rw05 for the last month now...........and KJ schlit the bed in the two games against the bombers last year........which I also told you guys.......ultimately costing his team a playoff birth........Glenn beat him both times........KJ is chocker as you will find out.......it will be Crandell to the rescue.....again for the riders.......

this is from the other thread James, now tell me where it says that I said that Hamilton had the worst D....

i should have worded that better im sorry, but u said ott had the worsed D because they had the most points against, but in fact hamilton had the most points against, therefore by your theory hamilton has the worsed D. which is why i said u said that hamilton had the worsed. lol

I actually have said that Hamilton's D was bad due to the fact they were on the field a lot last year. The D will be better because they wont be on the field as much this year....

alright fair enough.... but i dont think so, IMO sask has a much better chance then hamilton, they have the weapons on offence to take advantage of that awsome line, they have a great D. only question mark is the kicking, and defensive ends in my opinion.

i also think WPG has a better shot to due to the fact hamilton hasnt revamped their D to much, Winnipeg worked on both sides of the ball, and also had their D on the field alot last year also, under a poor poor scheme. weve revamped our D, and our offence is looking great.

i think the league as a whole will be very competitive this year. and i think glenn will come out and shut alot of ppl up now that he has the tools to work with. last year, in his 14 games played he averaged 32 points a game, threw for 3500 yards, 27 TD's, and only 17 picks. and that was with nothing to work with. but he has no excuses this year, if he cant pull it off, i say put banks on, or see what quinn can do.

I find it to be quite a joke how polls on tsn, sportsnet, or cfl.ca are ALWAYS dominated by the roughriders. Oh well, guess thats "rider pride" for you, they are at least happy at winning something in the polls.

Sounds to me esks, that you are worried about where your own team will finish this year. In the West, it could very well be that Edmonton finishes last , the teams are that close. None of these polls are scientific by any stretch and any team's fans could flood the site and skew the numbers, all you have to do is look at the some polls that are done on here for proof of that.

I voted for Da Bombers...cause we rock..and I heard Juran Bolden, wuz comming back..lol

ha ha imagine if sellers and bolden came back, would be sweet. if sellers were back we could run a wishbone formation with sellers at fullback and smith and roberts in behind him lol

RO: post corrected

Ya no doubt...123..the Bombers could run a no reciever package...lol....every body on the line...the only question would be, which poison we would serve up, for the unfriendly defence.?
It doen't matter all three will kill ya..dream dream, dream, is all I want to do..lol

Dont the bombers already run a no receiver package every time they are on offence? :lol:

the champions will either be the bombers, tiger cats, or stamps

the bombers might win in a parallell universe, but not in this one.

You never know. All anyone has to do is make the playoffs and anything can happen!

very true ro.


Bombers and Riders in the GC!!!

no, no, no KK! its:


…or MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…an equally acceptable version…

By KK’s version it’s just MMM-HAHAHAHA… :lol:

It kinda goes like this