06 Grey Cup Champion

Who is going to win it

I really dont think the Habs will win the Grey Cup this year!
Or any other year for that matter!

Montreal of course !

Lots of optimistic Rider fans, but im not one of them, im going out on a limb and say Hamilton.

wernt u just talking about how hamilton had the worsed D in the season last year because they had the most points against? they havent really done much either. i think their offence will be killer, but i dunno

Winnipeg, no doubt, we will have a bad start in the 1st half, but come back flying in the second (placing in third or CO) and playoffs to win it all this year.

Kanga you do realise that finishing in CO means last!

And you really think that they could finish last in the east and still win the cup?

6th out of 8, last in the East, actually

I'm optimistic, they could at least be the first CO team to win a playoff game, and I rather have them win the West Division than anyother East team, or West team for that matter (excpet the Riders or Stamps)

Hmmm I see the Rider and Bomber posters have voted early already!

They would have to win 3 playoff games(including the cup)

So, I assume by "any other West team" you mean only the Eskimos by this statement then? Why didn't you just state it that way?

EE and BC: they will be eliminated

Stamps: only cuz I want them to face the Bombers, and lose, or lose to Montreal in the GC if the Bombers COed.

Riders: can they get to the cup and lose it, again? (to Montreal) we will see.

Ro: although not for this season, 3nd forgot that I was also talking about Ottawa.

Point taken, 1313.....

i like how nine of 16 votes are for the teams least likely to even make the playoffs. i voted for toronto although i hope i am wrong.

point is you guys are skipping over a few teams that I talked about in a board way, maybe next time I should list them all out.

I vote "No" to Kanga's suggestion.....and I voted Calgary for the Grey Cup.....

If the Bombers CO then the only way for Montreal to Play the Stamps is in the Cup!

It wasnt me that said that, it was pigseye telling me that.

no i think it was you that said ottowa had a worse D trying to say Kerry was better then Glenn, then Pigseye pointed out that hamilton had worsed in the league with 29, and by the way it was wpg with 28, and ottowa had 26. so according to u, hamilton has the worsed D so how can u say that and say that theyll win the cup? just wondering...... i personaly think saskatchewan has a better shot at it then hamilton.