'06 Esks aren't the only ones with last minute breakdowns

A few minutes remaining, all the Cowboys had to do was run the clock out, with a driving starting on their 2 yard line. Instead, they try passing the ball out of their endzone, and end up fumbling the ball out of bounds in the endzone for a safety!
Then, with about a minute remaining vs. Seattle in the NFC wildcard game, all Tony Romo had to do was hold a snap for a more than likely game winning 20 yard field goal. But instead he botches the field goal hold, gets tackled and turns the ball and game over to Seattle.

How something like that could happen in the "best" football league in the world baffles me, I couldn't believe that this happened.

Well tell me this if the cowboys have so much "problems" how come they made it to the wild card game eskimos didnt even make it to the playoffs!