'05 Grey Cup pics

found a site that had some real good grey cup pics..thought i'd post some.








......awesome, good job dg......

Good job DG. Where did you find them?
Hopefully our NFL pro friends can appreciate same. A full stadium and it's all about the look. Except, we have the steak and the sizzle.


scroll down the left hand side, until u find the grey cup pics...altho i posted most of the good ones here.

Thanks. There were some other good sport photos.

great photos, it's great to see the GC in this light, with a full house.

but what's with the American Flag?

I'm not sure why you have to bring the NFL into this argotom. You are really hung up on it. Just get over it, celebrate the CFL and stop mentioning the NFL. You mentioning it all the time is only hurting your cause.

Good post DG by the way. It was a really fun game to be at.

o c'mon Billy, it not like he was praising the NFL or anything, cut him a little sack and give him a break.. Heck, after watching that game, maybe some NFL fans convented?

argotom, it would probably be a good idea to lay off the NFL for a while.

.........all major Canadian sports arenas fly the stars and stripes in a place of respect as a symbol of our countries close relationship.......we may have different attitudes on certain international affairs and how we trade goods and services with each other and Mexico but deep down we have the same beliefs with respect to freedom, rights of the individual and the upholding of justice........I don't know if this is reciprocated (the flag thing) in most american arenas, I think it is in those venues where a Canadian team may visit (the NHL, MLB and NBA venues) but I'd be surprised if the maple leaf flew say at Arrowhead Stadium, or Lambeau Field.........

I too would be surprised to find the Maple Leaf at an NFL stadium, but then again, I'm pretty sure the only time I've seen the American flag at McMahon has been before (or during) the first game after the Sept 11 attacks ... I'm 99.9% sure that there's no American flag there, usually.

Nice post dg ... good pics!

And all Argotom's saying is that, to all those who think that the CFL is "bush league", ignore it for the NFL, and think that no one watches the CFL, these pictures show 60,000 reasons why those people are wrong.

Nice pics dg and excellent job Vancouver for the GC last year. Actually I think Ottawa sold out the year before and when I think about it, haven’t all the GC’s been sold out since 2000?

Man, it must bug Paul Godfrey and others when there are people like me who feel that the Argos and Leafs are no. 1 in Toronto, it must make them really pissed to think that there are people in this country who put the Blue Jays and Raptors below the Argos. Must hurt your ego real bad eh Paul, Argos over the Blue Jays? :smiley: