0-8 by labour day?

i was just looking at the sked-the next 5 look pretty
tough too.vs. wpg,@commonwealth,@mtl,vs t.o.,@t.o.
i know its early but wpg. looks like they're the only team in the east that has it all together right now.
they'll be tough again this fri and the only thing the cats HAD going for them offensively was jesse.
barrin did a good job-where do the points come from this week?@ edm.-always a challenge for the cats,maybe the first "W" but ray will march up and down the field.@mtl-reason for optimism here: 1-7 maybe. then you come back home to play t.o. with
bishop almost ready to come back.t.o. owns the cats.
experienced stubler vs inexperienced working.
you do the math and you could be 1-10 after the back to back with t.o. SORRY for breaking it down but if you can find another win in there...great.


I disagree completely… i think any of those games are winnable if we continue to get better.

vs. Winnipeg - We can beat them
@ Edmonton - We won this game last year
@ Montreal - Always a tough place to play but again, winnable.
vs. Toronto - Its Labour day anything could happen
@ Toronto - Toughest of the 5 cause we cant win at Rogers Centre

vs winnipeg- Proved you couldn't beat them
@ Edmonton- Thats probally the best bet.
@ Montreal- probally no shot
Vs Toronto- Zero Chance
@ Toronto- Zero Chance.

So all in all 1-9 by the end of those games.

I'm sticking by my prediction of a few days ago.

Of course the best case scenario is no longer possible but the least case is. I'll go with that one now.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=18291&highlight=]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... highlight=[/url]
vs winnipeg- Proved you couldn't beat them @ Edmonton- Thats probally the best bet. @ Montreal- probally no shot Vs Toronto- Zero Chance @ Toronto- Zero Chance.
What have Montreal and Toronto shown so far???

5 and 5 after this stretch.

Montreal I just dont see happening & as for Toronto..

They just basically own Hamilton. I dont know the exact stat off hand but other than a tie & I believe one win Hamilton has done absoutley nothing against Toronto since like 2002.

Haven't we had a thread like this each of the last two years?

thank-you tristanclovis37 for your support on this topic.i'm assuming that this is not really tristan clovis but just a very rare fan of his. i just don't see the cats bouncing back this week to make it 1-5.
i think @mtl.might be your only shot before labour day to get a "W" cause after that-in the immortal words of new york yankee fans to peter martinez=
"WHO'S YOUR DADDY?" the answer-the toronto friggin' argonauts.1-9 after the back to back.chang starts
games post labour day.

               CITY LEGEND

Since we're 0-5 every game on the schedule is going to look like a tough game. We just have to keep getting better every week and the wins will happen.

okay, i totally understan your frustration but does anyone have any faith here??

Not with the status quo. I've been calling for a change for a full year

Does anyone think that the cats will win labour day?

stranger things have happened.

that strange?

TO is having it's own QB issues, if the Cats are going to win, it's against them.

I am under the impression that the Cats are going to win 0-3 games this year. Have fun watching and wasting your money...

My God - give your head a shake!!
Now, I too want to believe this, but it aint going to happen. You have a field-goal kicker who kicks 6 of them right, and we can't get a touchdown?
Twice now, we we IN the game after 3 quarters, and still 0 touchdowns, and too many penalties.
This will NOT change, unless we change the script;
and the script is not going to change too soon, in my opinion.
My heart says YES (we will win) - but my brain says 'No way it will happen'. Call me a pessimist, or a realist; I couldn't care less....

The Eagle :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: