0-40 Toronto Varsity Blues coach gets promotion

Ok, coaching isn't all of his job but wow, says something, I don't know exactly what but something anyways.

Ah, but what can you say, only in Canada I guess. :lol:

"University of Toronto head football coach Steve Howlett appears headed for a promotion as a Senior Athletic Instructor – and his team hasn't won a game in five years."


On the face of it, this looks like an undeserved promotion.

But, surely winning football games is not the determinant for success when working with young students. How did these players do in their academic studies? How successful was the coach in implanting life's lessons into his charges? Are the players better people for having worked with him?

Tough things to define, but the important things.
Now, if you go in declaring that the only measure of success is 'Games Won', then you can get out the knives. But, is this the only standard to use in measuring success or failure?


Does incriminating picture in a mannila envelope mean anything? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I have to agree with Earl 100% on this...ranks right up there with Wade Belak playing in the NHL...

After missing the playoffs for the 1st time in 35 odd years Danny Maccocia got promoted before last season.

Perhaps the team just can't recruit any talent, maybe he is in fact a good coach, I don't follow CIS very closely outside the West.

The reporter appears to be putting
a strange twist on this story.

Steve Howlett did not receive a promotion
for his contribution to the football program,

he already was the Head Football Coach
of the University of Toronto and still is.

The position of Senior Athletic Instructor
appears to me to be a teaching position

completely unrelated to the job of
senior varsity football team coach.

That is likely where he received a promotion.

Good points guys. The Star, for sure, is twisting this one for a story.

But hey, I have to give the U of T some credit, they still keep the football program going, so that's good. I hate to see Canadian schools drop varsity football.

Earl: You've got that right. And on top of Kudo's to the school how about the athletes. They say sports builds character and you've got to love the idea of the 5th year seniors last year just going out for the team. Four years, haven't won a game and they're still ready to put on the pads and go out and kick ass(or try to). Later

My only concern is if U of T doesn't hire someone with credibility to turn the football program around, & soon, this once proud program could cease to exist.

At the rate SFU is going, they could pass that mark! :cry: :cry: :cry: