0-4 (2006) vs. 0-4 (2007)

I like this 0-4 team much better then last years 0-4 team.

I haven't seen hitting like that from a Ticat defense in years.

Jesse Lumsden looks unstoppable.

Setta is really blowing me away. People keep comparing him to a young Ozzy but Ozzy was not the same athlete as Nick and Ozzy didn't become a good punter until about 3-4 years into his career. I agree that he will be hard to keep after this contract as the NFL would definitely loom.

Eliminate the penalties and we would be 2-2

Would have should have could have. 0-4 is 0-4 way to stay positive though

Unlike last years team this team has a future. Last years team was just bad

2007 - Pointing our fingers at the next generation of CFL stars
2006 - Pointing our fingers

0-4 is 0-4 theres nothing to be proud about

I'd say you need to actually start watching. I feel this team is close to being able to win more than it loses. I also feel that we'll be better for it next season and have a chance to be a powerhouse. Could I say that last year? Nope

Don't be too concerned with 0-4. I remember in 1993 the Cats started off 3-0 and then lost 6 in a row and only won 3 more games all season for a 6-12 record.

Every season is different.

I understand but I wouldn't ignore 0 and 4 either. Its pretty bad

I strongly agree with Giasone. Things are looking up. It didn't help that Glasper got hurt on the opening kickoff of the B.C. game. He was supposed to start as DB.

Perspective... 0-4 looks bad but in 2004 we started 3-0... went on to lose 5 games. For that stretch, we were worse than we are now. Last year the Alouettes lost 7 games in a row and made it to the Grey Cup.

This team is looking up and looking way better than the teams of the last 2 years. 0-4 is ugly, but the Tiger-Cats will be a contender again in the near future.

I hope we win games this year, but as long as we get better with each game (which appears to be happening) and we can field a team that will be a true contender NEXT year, I'll be happy.

Rome wasn't built in a day. But we have some great players on this current squad. And we're heading in the right direction.

The key to rebuilding is to keep the young players as they develop. Too many times, we lose good young players to either the NFL or the Argos. So, if we are re-building this year, DON'T LOSE ANY BRICKS!