These forums serve as a meeting place, debate chamber and information source for fans of the Canadian Football League.

We strive to be welcoming to new members, gracious to those with differing opinions, and always mindful that the fans, athletes, coaches and officials who make the CFL possible are people worthy of our respect.

Football naturally brings out a competitive spirit in all of us, but please bear in mind the above as you interact with your fellow fans on these forums. And with that: Welcome to the official discussion forums of the Canadian Football League!

Forum Rules

By posting on this website, you agree to the following rules and agree to abide by them at all times:

Inappropriate Language: Avoid the use of rude, coarse or ‘rough’ language. This helps to maintain a high standard of dialogue on the forums. While you may be used to using and listening to coarse and rough language, be it in the work place, around friends or at home, do not assume others are.

Objectionable Content: Sexually explicit and objectionable content (pictures, avatars, usernames and language) are not permitted on this site. This includes offensive words that have been abbreviated or that have had letters replaced with other characters.

Trolling: Unleashing cynical/offensive remarks about a particular subject or towards another user with the intent/result of provoking an argument/quarrel is considered trolling. Flaming or just being obnoxious and disruptive falls under our definition of trolling. Trolling of any kind will not be tolerated.

Threatening Language: Comments directed towards a member or moderator, whether publicly or by private message, that are deemed threatening in nature will result in an immediate ban and may result in legal consequences.

No Politics / Religion: Unfortunately, these topics have proven too divisive, and moderator energy is a limited resource that is too often expended trying to police the inflammatory posts that result from these topics. Discussion of sport is what we aim to have these forums produce and promote. A thread that has evolved into a political or religious discussion will have posts removed from it, or may be locked in its entirety.

Team Forums Are Safe Havens: The forum areas named for the individual teams in the league are ‘safe havens’ for the fans of that team, and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams. Take it to the main forum (CFL Talk).

One Member, One Account: If a member is using multiple accounts, all accounts will be banned. If an individual has been banned and it has been determined that that member has returned under another username, that individual will be banned again. If a member has been suspended (temporarily banned) and tries to get around the temporary ban by re-registering using another name that individual’s new registered name and the original username will be permanently banned.

If in the opinion of a moderator your post breaks one of the above rules, your post will be modified or removed, and if multiple infractions occur, a timed ban of one week or longer will be enacted.

How To Get Along With Your Fellow Members

Refrain From Making Discriminatory Comments: In particular, comments having to do with sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, race, age, marital status, gender and personal attributes tend to immediately derail any conversation.

Stay On Topic: It is not uncommon to go off on a tangent within a thread. For example, when someone starts a thread about a CFL player being arrested for impaired driving. Is the thread about a CFL player being charged for impaired driving, or about impaired driving in general? Limit your comments to the subject of impaired driving as it relates to that CFL player and the CFL. Don’t start going off on a tangent about MADD, alcoholism, penalties/laws for impaired driving, etc.

Cite Your Sources: Do not post something as factual unless it is backed up with a verifiable source. That said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just make sure it is clear that it is an opinion you are expressing and not a fact.

Avoid Critiquing Another Poster’s Use Of Grammar And Spelling: Sometimes a grammar or spelling mistake is just that - a simple mistake. Members are not here to prove who is smarter or who has a better education. Nor are they here to embarrass another poster by trying to ridicule the person’s spelling and grammar. Focus on the content, not the delivery when reading another’s posts.

Use of Sarcasm: You are not here to ‘score points’ on other members, so refrain from responding to another poster’s comments with sarcasm. It is condescending, divisive and unnecessary.

Debate, Don’t Argue: We are a community of people with diverse beliefs, opinions and backgrounds. You can disagree with a poster’s opinion but it can be done in a civil respectful manner. Do not use incendiary comments or sarcasm intended to put another member down because you don’t agree with that person’s comments or point of view. The forums attract many knowledgeable and passionate fans with different points of view. The forums thrive, in part, on the exchange of different ideas and different points of view. A lively debate can be fun to follow and participate in but when the conversation deteriorates and becomes an argument then we all lose.

Administrative Trivia

Please know that the staff that moderate these forums are volunteers, and human. Occasionally, we will make mistakes ourselves in misinterpreting the posted by a member of these forums, and for that we apologize in advance. Getting in touch with us is possible by private messaging any/all of the moderators listed below:

Failing that, an e-mail can be sent to to request attention to an issue.

That’s it - enjoy the forums, CFLers!