Too much money to Nichols and not enough left to go around is the problem. 

Lyle B. Style

Don't expect Hurl to get much of a signing shower. Guys like that are exceptionally weak players and expose themselves and the better players on the field do to their inability to complete tasks - other than to get shoved around against their will (Hurl's specialty)

Feoli-Gawdawful at least this sluggish dude caught a few passes in open space, turning certain 15 yd gains into 9 yd gains!

I agree Joe - Schnozzola Durante prolly inhaled around $230 to $265 of our coin. . . with possible bonuses if he starts games (which would be a cruel joke on us fans)

Iconic SR

I'm thinking Doubles got around $150K to $175K to be an insurance policy in Wpg. 

Lyle B. Style

I'm thinking Doubles got around $150K to $175K to be an insurance policy in Wpg.
OK, cuz Nichols is inhaling close to $450k I'll retract my earlier estimate on Durante - and agree more with you - - - - higher end of your estimate $165k to $180k plus living expenses (better quality 2BR apartment in south side of city near IGF, around $2k/mo. for the 7 to 8 months he's rostered! (plus a starters fee in the event he has to start some games)

Keep in mind the bombers also have to pay their turd stringer around $100k


It all comes down to the fan paying in the end. I can see where pro sports becomes less of a life focus for many.


Thinking more about it I would guess Montreal would have kept him for $150,000.

If they did not see that value in him it makes me wonder what the Bombers are seeing.

Iconic SR

My thinking is that if a guy is happy about signing for 40% of the previous years salary less than a week after being released with the opportunity to make your own best deal then the guy was being paid too much the previous year.

I wish it were so but it seems to low. One thing we can be sure of is you will never hear anything on that coming from the Bomber office. DD could have sat and waited for an injury and then signed for a prorated $300,000. Who knows? Bo Levi goes down or Jennings and someone is calling.

Given the scenario of Durant taking a pay cut it seems dumb that any of these guys are being paid the money they are ( $300,000 + ). It all comes down to the fan paying in the end. Hockey is worse. Eventually priorities are set and dollars allocated. I can see where pro sports becomes less of a life focus for many.

Seems really odd to have Durant as a Bomber but I am far less concerned about an injury to Matt Nichols totally derailing the season now than at any time in the last year. Will call it eerily positive.

Last year at this time Darian Durant had much of the CFL and half of Rider Nation convinced that HE was the reason for all the Rider successes during his time here.

Only one year later we see that his friendships with LaPolice and Dressler are quite possibly the only reason he’s making $175K (or thereabouts) as a backup with the Bombers.

He was GROSSLY overpaid in Montreal - is an accurate statement.
Darian would have also been overpaid at the $350K the Riders offered him.

Darian as a backup in Wpg is a pretty good, realistic fit for the Bombers and Darian.


On the other hand if anyone should be in the know about DD it would be Lapo.

Lyle B. Style

A few prominent writers are saying its too early to write DD Durant off. As everyone here knows my position is that the guy is washing out.

Chris Jones wanted nothing to do with Durant's archaic throwing motion and propensity to hang onto the ball unless WRs were clearly open - and visible!

Montreal burned nearly $450,000 of owner-boy's money (plus feeding & housing the guy) before they realized he was either damaged goods or washed (or both)

Now the Loyalty-Rewards Boyz (Leper-Cons) have stepped up and hired themselves a storied vet. Whoppi Doo - the only decent news in the deal is that Durant is a better talker than LaFever and Davis combined, his autograph value is relatively high and often looks intense as all git-out on the sideline.

All is good until the guy has to play football.

Iconic SR

Durant was likely done as an elite starter in 2014.

All it took was an injury riddled couple seasons in 15/16, some shoulder injury shenanigans from Durant and training staff, a reduced contract offer from the Riders for 2017, his outright rejection of it, a twitter peeing contest, personal insult suffered by half of Riderville to the comment ‘moderate success’,  a wounded heart act heading into free agency or trade negotiations, part of Rider Nation rising up to protect their ‘needs to be paid $500K’ hero, a demand for this huge salary anywhere, vitriol hurled towards Chris Jones, a desperate team in Montreal to throw those $ at him, and horrible, horrible season with limping, limited mobility, and poorly thrown passes, a Rider team doing fine on the field in 2017 and especially on their balance sheet without him, Alouettes outright releasing him, then two close personal friends in the form of a former team mate and former coach to vouch for him in Wpg - and the Bombers to sign him as backup.

All for the world to realize that he’s ready to be a backup for well under $200K. Durant handled this all brilliantly. He got paid $500K for this in 2017. Football gods at work.


.....Maybe Durant is not an elite starter anymore BUT he sure as hell is a better option at back-up than the back-up duo of 'master sneaker' and ' never was or will be' that we have now....IF we have to use him, I'm sure he'll come through for us...besides imparting some valuable knowledge and an extra pair of qb eyes on the sidelines....Could prove invaluable to Matt and I hope this ends up in another Cup ring for Darian...What do those rings look like again///????Good signing of the most integral parts overlooked in to hear what\'s NOT being said....Anonymous

Lyle B. Style

Papa - If Mike O'Shea took truth serum and had to file a report on each of the QBs he has in tow it might go something like this:

1. Dominique Davis - great guy in the room, really loyal guy, awful deep accuracy, questionable intermediate accuracy, less than average short pass & screen accuracy. Has burning 4.9 to 5.3 / 40 speed but hates getting hit - will use the boundary as a blocker even if he needs a couple extra yds to avoid 3rd down situations

2. Daniel LaFevour - Ol pork butt; super guy in the room, really loyal to coaches and fellow players, great passer considering he no longer has full service of his right arm, can super sneak for 1/2 to 1.25 yds. with no problems; I know bantam level QBs with more arm strength and accuracy than Dan.

3. Darian Durant - what a fabulous record, Grey Cups, all-stars, etc. Super loyal guy should fit into our loyalty/rewards program. Physically broken down to a pulp - but pretty good player for a broke down hobo. Can't really afford to have a hobo like DD take the controls so lets pray for Nichols. Darian is really bad on the field - that said, better than my other two hobo options!


Add Alex Ross. Young and full of promise. 


Can't wait to hear O'Shea talk about how much they like this other new guy and that he is ready.


Nice to hear all the positivity surrounding Ross and Steveler. Hoping they both continue to do well 


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