Darian Durant Retires.

But not before stealing a healthy sum of signing bonus from Wadzilla Miller and the bomber coffers.

This guy is a piece of pure vermin. And to top it off - he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was stealing this money under false pretenses.

How many posts did I make (and a few others to their credit) that this guy was washed up beyond any shadow of doubt. Why else do you think he skipped the bombers mini-camp for "personal" reasons. He knew that eventually the bell would toll and he'd be exposed as a sideline fraud.

Also a scolding to the so-called IN THE KNOW bomber troika who signed this piece of garbage to begin with. These guys thought they signed a Hall-of-Famer - but instead, they signed a money-grabbing, disappearing hobo.

Now the bombers have to pick up another CFL leftover to man the sidelines  - and hope more than ever that Mighty Mike Nichols has developed Mike Reilly-like super-powers that will enable him to play most, if not all reps.

Mr. Rigmaiden, Mr. McManus - go find us a quality hobo. You guys are horrid scouts and signing agents when it comes to middle linebackers, now you're being tested at the backup QB position.

Today - the bombers should reach out and sign Noah Picton, the undrafted 5-8" ball of fire from Saskatoon college. Else, I fear the locals may flee.

Especially with the Winnipeg Jets guaranteed to go into the 3rd week of May - and possibly early June?
    You see a conspiracy around every corner and mass chaos behind every door and now when you MAY be right, you pat yourself on the back. On top of that you use the Jets, a team you have been predicting to lose with all their mopes and hobos and pad thumpers as you like to call them, to say the Bombers better get scrambling cause hockey will empty IGF....You ain't no Shakespeare or Nostradamus, Lyle.

    Having said that, the first thing that struck me when I read about DD was the fact he did not mention the Bombers in his retirement statement. Shouldn't he have said something about the team he was now on ? Instead he goes on about how he bleeds green and white. That is enough for me to say good riddance. I will admit that I was one who had high hopes for DD playing for the Bombers. I was wrong but at least now I'm glad I was wrong.
Si vis pacem... para bellum

Lyle B. Style

Dairy Maid, aka Durant may have taken the bombers for a substantial signing bonus.

Much as I find Durant's retirement (and especially keeping the bomber money) aborhent I find the bombers due diligence and signing this old broke-down hobo moreso.

Could they not see this guy had little to no mobility? Could they not see most of his passes were nipping WRs in the ankles or turning up turf turds? Guess not!

If Durant took the bombers for anything more than a $10,000 signing bonus - he should return same immediately.

I know Wad won't sue for return of coin - its bad publicity to attract even more bad publicity so Wad will keep his wide mouth shut.

Bomber media, TSN 1290 especially are really cutting knives thru Durant's dark soul - they ignore the fact bombers didn't due the necessary diligence in hiring this bum.

Now, try to find someone. Is Max Hall out of re-hab?



$70k signing bonus.  No doubt in my mind he knew he was doing this when he signed that contract.  Would have been nice to have that money when we were chasing FA like Muamba.  Good fucking riddance that bum is out of the league



$70k signing bonus.  No doubt in my mind he knew he was doing this when he signed that contract.  Would have been nice to have that money when we were chasing FA like Muamba.  Good fucking riddance that bum is out of the league
I highly doubt he knew when he signed it. 
I have little doubt he knew by mini-camp.


.....The team hasn't 'crashed and burnt' because a 'dip-poop' decides to retire....We'll shake off the crap and continue to have the year we're destined to have....and I think we'll be in the thick of things come November 

...As for DD....took money under false pretenses and looks like a schmuck of great proportions ...What an example he set for a player on how NOT to go out and retire...For all of the winning he said he did, he now looks like a giant loser...He'll most likely keep the signing bonus....money by the way that could have been used to most likely sign Muamba...Just a bull$hit move at this juncture of the season...Leaves us scrambling now for a credible back-up..Walters better get on it.
...one of the most integral parts overlooked in conversation....is to hear what\'s NOT being said....Anonymous


“It’s encouraging when you talk to guys around the league about what a quality organization we are now,” said Walters, who joined O’Shea and quarterback Matt Nichols on a conference call with national media members on Thursday. “That’s what I’m most proud of — I think we’re respected in this league from top to bottom with the way we run our business and the way we treat our players, and we put a product on the field that the fans are proud of.”

half full or half empty. just depends on your perspective.


.....I think we have turned the corner, with regard to player relations, and handle things a lot different than in the past......In hindsight I think we could have dealt better with a few players...Kevin Glenn comes to mind...He could never win the big one for us and took a lot of flack but he sure would look good in our bullpen right now...As far as Durant goes...I hope he never shows his mug around the Peg, Banjo bowl or whenever... If he does I hope someone holds a big sign in front of his face stating he's 'persona non grata' around these parts and go back to saskabush..All the crap he's spewing on social media right now tells me that his plan all along was to retire, screw us over and keep the signing bonus...Jerk of the highest order.


Might be that in his mind Durant deserved the money he got but I don't think the Bomber fans deserved what they got from Bomber management. 

The whole Durant to the Bombers thing was very odd from the get go. Now we get the story and I for one am thankful it came to light rather than another bad deal swept under the rug and no one knows anything except what Miller wants us to know. Guaranteed the Bombers were targeted because of their generous we treat players right nature. Hard to believe that it wasn't red flagged by being too good of a deal. That they did not see it coming is on all of them.

The other side is there is no chance to change your mind about a player resigned last December after he has at least half of the money. Medlock knows he doesn't have to beat anyone out for the job no matter how good Menard-Briere shows at camp. Dressler can feel good about his job security as I am would guess the deposit has been made. All part of the anointment  process.

Someone said it earlier but being honest goes a long way. Sly and wiley doesn't cut it imo.

Doug Brown, Bob Cameron, and Troy Westwood come on down. How bad could they be?


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