do or die

Swirling wind and rain to start.....
 Kyle Knox sighting:  takes penalty on opening kickoff......
 Hurl still looks pretty slow on blitz....
 Bombers driving....Nichols throws perfect TD to Adams.... back because of guessed it....the ole hands to face call.
 Blue settles for Medlock booting it through, Bombers 3-0.
 Powell running with authority for RedBlacks....
 Walker defending a couple of passes......
 Bombers running some hurryup, on 2nd down plays....
 Nice catch by Adams....Harris takes screen for 15....
 ...but Nichols sacked.....on comes Medlock....6-1 Bombers
 Blue O moving the ball pretty well....but need some finish...
 Nichols scrambles right-then left....and hits Adams deep....
 Bombers winning the field position and TOP, anyways...
 RB Powell is good.....but some defensive tackling....bad...
 Not getting pressure on Lindley, yet...he gets ball out on time..
 Okpaulugo must of heard me....puts smack on QB...
 Nichols long pass to Denmark, Dressler runs sweep for more...
 But Nichols and Dressler.... not much chemistry further down the field.....
 Medlock hits 3rd FG.....Bombers pulling away.    9-2
 Moe Leggett all over the place again.....
 Jeffcoat strips Powell of ball....also recovers it on RB 35
 Nichols misfires downfield with Dress again....
 ...but swing pass to Westy....gets big 2nd down gain...
 Harris up the gut, finds huge hole, cuts back and rumbles into end zone.
 Lindley starting to look nervous, with some pretty erratic throwing.
 Obvious PI on Redblack DB.   Obvious to everybody, except officials...
 MOS challenges and gets it , but 2nd down pass to Flanders short of marker
 Lindley getting less mustard on the short passes, now.....
 Some of these roughing the QB are pretty chintzy...
 Dressler out of the game (again)
 McDuffie treating some Medlock hemlock...
 Tough conditions out there:  cold, windy, and wet....
 Bomber O handling it all, pretty well.....
 Mahar punting extremely well for Ottawa
 Only handful of diehards sitting in end zones, at this point...
 Blue running receiver sweeps effectively, tonight...
 Lankford runs another one for good gain.....
 Flanders takes swing pass, breaks 3 tackles......TD
 With this weather and Lindley....22-2 looks pretty safe.
 Ottawa now abandoning run game.....not to their advantage...
 Andrew Harris....another productive at 11.
 Bomber O eating up yards and clock.....
 ....until Nichols has ball slip out of hand, throwing....
 RB's recover......good run by Blue 20.
 Lindley then simply drops ball.....Bomber recover...
 Nichols rears back and bombs it right into Adams's hands......
 .....who busts down the middle of field to finish 75 yd TD pass
 Back  breaker.   29-3.   Goodnite Ottawa.
 Lindley just chucking and praying, now......
 Some nice plays from Alexander, back there.....
 HSZ (Hall's soft zone) puts in an appearance....
 .....enabling Lindley to complete 4 straight passes.....
 Powell runs in a consolation TD, for Redblacks....
 Bombers could still use a big run stuffing LB.
 Leggett smothers 2 point convert try.....
 Redblacks do recover nice short KO, off of Leggett...
 But Moe knows football.    And picks off 50/50 deep ball...
 Strange looking character ambles in, behind center....
 Rubbing my is Dom Davis!
 Dom does the bomb to Adams, who makes nice catch....
 ...and must have around 200 yards receiving, tonight..
 Dom hits Harris with perfect pass across middle...but dropped.
 Another home.....9-3 - this winning stuff getting pretty boring...
Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so."

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)


As always, thanks.
DB's and Loffler seemed to do well, 
Dom is a big boy, looked a little stiff but can throw it.
Dress arm in a sling, dammit.
Teams covered, no real big plays against us, I watched on TV (#1 son took my tickets and his gal), seeing Flanders red hair dye all over his name bar had my crowd laughing,
that rain came down, my place looks south over IGF and there was some third quarter lightning I expected would stop the game, nope.
With the mediocre pass rush, again, where's the Poop?
9 and 3 sure looks good on MOS, we've seen him mature over the last year, probably having some talent has helped there,
Now, gotta sell some tickets, didn't look good on TV, weather didn't help.

Cats beat BC on The Left Coast? Huh?
Illegitimi non carborundum

Lyle B. Style

Bomber pass rush a bit stiff. Poop is too pooped to pop!
Better discipline without Westerman.
Hurl had an A- game for him which is a 3 outta 10 for normal guys.
DBs were sharp, real sharp!

Best offensive execution in many a decade - Plop should be up for another HC job in 2018.  BC, Montreal - even Ottawa an outside shot if Porky Campbell slobbers out!


.....Doubt that Lapo wants to leave home.....but if the price is right...c'mon down and down it would be in either Van. or Mont......There will be some juggling of the lineup now with Dress in a sling...I'd like to see Givens getting a shot and or Wolitarsky BUT heading into Edm. next game wouldn't be an ideal spot to put in green guys....Maybe week 16 when Ham. rolls in, or 17 when the toothless Leo's wander into town to take on our Safari hunting party...Getting down to the nitty gritty part of the sched....gotta make them all count of the most integral parts overlooked in to hear what\'s NOT being said....Anonymous


I'd love to see what Wolitarsky has .


.....Finally brought in the DB that I thought we would...Zavian Bingham....Looks like a good one and I think we can safely say that's a permanent goodbye to Roc of the  not so solid type


MOS, on The CJOB Monday Coaches Show sounded like Roc is done. Then he went dark.
He claimed to not know what Westy's status is, nor would he confirm Wild's return.
Would not touch any question that might touch on "systems".
He was willing to talk about the quality of the jig he performed on his birthday.
I listened to all 19 minutes of commercials and the four questions MOS talked around. I did learn all about a Christian Youth Centre (paid commercial). 
I respect MOS but this cloak and dagger stuff, coming from a "no-nonsense guy", is actually funny.


Defense looked good but I won't read too much into it.  We beat and Eastern team with a first time CFL starter who did not look good and the Redblack Oline has struggled, especially without Gott in the middle. 

More impressive to me was the offense.  They moved the ball at will a large chunk of the game.  Injuries and fatigue of the Ottawa D thanks to their inept offense helped, but Nichols made great plays and moved his feet to extend plays and drives.  Oline opened up some big holes for Harris.  Receivers made some great plays all around, but Adams especially continues to wow.

Our kick coverage was pretty solid overall too.  With the wet field and McDuffie back there, I thought he might be capable of breaking one or two if defenders lost their footing.  He was well contained overall.

Good win against a subpar opponent in lousy weather, but it's the type of game you have to win if you're going to be one of the upper echelon teams.


....Forget who it was but McDuff got a real good welcoming from his former team mates when someone on our cover team literally picked him up and planted him deep in the Ottawa end....Luv'd it ;D


Unlike years not so distant, I'm seeing well coached (thanks MOs and gang), well skilled (Walters and The Scouts) and well supported (OK, The Wad) players.
Its taken tooo long but I think we've got it now.

Now the Fans need to respond.  

Lyle B. Style

Definitely a Top 3 (or better) CFL team.

But being realistic (a nasty habit I picked up the last 27 years) its no guarantee of a Grey Cup.

Nor is it a guarantee of even winning the west!


.....Right on Lyle......are we winners or pretenders....this year I think we've made our move and should be considered in the 'winner' category...BUT we still have a ways to go....Beating the schmoes in their own back yard would definitely enhance the winner label...GoBigBlue


I feel we are winners because we have met every challenge given. If you want to downplay certain  Winn. wins because of the caliber of the opponent then you have to downplay wins by other teams who have won against the same opponent.
The fact Edm. has been struggling lately means nothing. They are a home team to be reckoned with.
Last five losses in a row started;

losing on the road to Winn. 6 pts.
losing at home to surging Sask. 23 pts.
losing on the road to Cal. 21 pts.
losing at home to Cal. by 3 a controversial game ending.
losing on the road to a surging Tor. 8 pts.

They are well rested and should not be taken lightly.

If we lose it just might help slap some sense into us for future reference but I think we can take them. We are playing very well. We are playing like winners !
Si vis pacem... para bellum

Lyle B. Style

I really think the Bombers number is up this Saturday in Edmonton. Can't imagine Mike Reilly allowing his band of merry criminals to lose a 6th straight game and put them into the crossover battle with Regina.

Here's my odds:

Bombers thrashing the Esks @ Commonwealth - 7% (if it happens then Jason Maas gets fired - or whipped silly by a headset)

Esks thrashing the Big Blue - 15% (if this happens a ton of air will be out of the Winnipeg Hindenburg and survivors will be running thru the meadows)

Bombers winning in a tightee - 18% possibility - that's how the bombers win most of their games; other teams rape our defense but our offense responds to the hilt and pulls the game out

Esks winning in a tightee or by 8 to 12 pts - 50% possibility - this is the logical scenario. Mad Hatter Mike is fed up with the last month plus of poor results and he just runs the bomber D silly, gasses out our heavyweight d-line and overpowers weaks like Hurl.

A tie - 10% possibility - cuz you have to cover all the outcomes.

Heaviest money is on an Edmonton win of any type (thrashing or tighty) and ratcheting up the playoff pressure - assuring Winnipeg that Calgary can't be caught - but that the bombers CAN BE!


Lyle, I think your odds are in line.
My focus and this evening's rant is on the new "blue smoke" and mirrors surrounding the Club.

A poster on another site is so numbed by the bombers cloak and dagger, 
he's wondering if Westerman's injury is erectile disfunction or urinary incontinence??

MOS has told us Wild won't be back this year but he could play when Hammy comes to town on the 

Roc "needed some time", but he's gooooooone...

I'm reminded of a post, perhaps a question on the Coach's Show, when MOS first arrived; "Coach, we, the fans, own this f'ing team, don't treat us like children."

In my humble, obsessed, opinion, The Great MOS is starting to get a little too comfortable, he's Joe Macking the Owners, us.

I liked the guy a lot more when he told the truth. I guess with success comes the arrogance of confidence.

Just saying...

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