Papa Loosa,  Lyle and I are friends who enjoy inserting some brevity into these often all too serious rant pages. I'm a complete Bomber fan, however as much as I enjoy and celebrate the on field product, I loath the behind the scenes patronage program that runs the club. You may remember me as "Jayman" elsewhere.

Wumper is what my long departed Mom called me. She was a hardcore Bomber fan from day one. Hardcore.

The Wumper handle seems to draw the angst of a few on here. I'm up for a change to a more accepted one, I'm thinking "mean mother bomber stud" would probably meet with more acceptance. Thoughts?

I'm Wumpy/Wumper and I leave Lyle alone, usually. He's just having some fun getting "too tights" wound even tighter. That would seem to include yourself.
Illegitimi non carborundum


....You would seem to be wrong 'wumper'....I never get up tight...maybe tight but never up tight...If you go back to the 'day'   and I mean the heyday when we were king (that would be the Grant years) and probably a little before, then you would be in the era of Lyle and I AND I always understand where Morris is coming from...I chide him a lot but he's old Bomber to me and I see a lot of where he's coming from...I think we're always Bomber fans first and critics second and everyone is entitled to their say..........................And by the way I think your handle is great...My grand kids call me papa and I used to spend a lot of time at Assiniboine Park (no not in the cages)...hence the 'zoo' la..They never think I'm 'a loosa' unless I get out of the house on my own..But you can call me whatever.... Like I always told my Mom....just never late for dinner ;)
...one of the most integral parts overlooked in conversation....is to hear what\'s NOT being said....Anonymous

Lyle B. Style

Actually Wump the Jayman and I are friends from the old days of bomber forums (before they came with the lynch mobs and banned me for life) and Papazoola is a refreshing change from some of the nail-biters, doorknobs and insects with keypads who infest the current bomber posting community.

I'd rate both of you amongst the Top 10 posters I've encountered on various CFL boards I've injected myself into the last 10 to 15 years.

There's a few great posters at the Calgary forums (both stampsfans and the other one) - Hoof, 3rd Down, Terry, the doctor from Montreal, few more)

Rider fans have the big numbers when it comes to fan participation - didn't know they had internet in Sask'n but evidently its been up 'n running on a test basis for a few years. BSD (Big Sexy Dawg), Danno, mfranc, few more are some of my favourites - but I was banned for life there too for unspeakable crimes - like criticizing the bombers. Worst part of riderfans is the insidious participation of super troll criminals like the notorious Lyin' Guy - a severe paranoid schizophrenic compounded by other mental problems. Nobody there has been able to incite more flame wars than this professional nob.

Area51 (Rick Foley's brother) is perhaps my favourite poster of all-time on almost any board (even the self serving twitter account of Michael Moore). Lots of fun, super accurate descriptions of various players and coaches and tons if additional insight.

Current bomber board infested by metabolic adults with the brain maturity of 8 yr old children. Self-admitted drunks, rounders, meatballs, slobs & other forms of urban humanity. Famous award by Guiness Book of Records - for most insects who can use a keyboard.

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