of course

Speaking as a Ticat fan, here.

O'Shea clearly believes in Streveler as a QB who should be able to get a short yardage first down with his athletic ability.  The problem is, while Streveler was money in that regard when he was an unknown (i.e. the first few games he played in), teams now know Streveler will run, and are ready to stuff him.  That happened twice in critical moments last night.  O'Shea should have seen that coming, and went for the field goals instead.  In a close game, you cannot gamble...take the sure points.

That said, if Streveler comes through in the clutch, O'Shea looks like a genius.  Hindsight is 20/20.


I only wish NO'Shea's foresight was 20/20.
He owns this one.
Illegitimi non carborundum

Lyle B. Style

I only wish NO'Shea's foresight was 20/20.
He owns this one.
First time in a long time - maybe first time ever

Richie Hall was the 3rd worst coach on the bomber staff . . . .


Better team lost to better coaches.... time to upgrade the coaches

Lyle B. Style

Better team lost to better coaches.... time to upgrade the coaches
Wump - did u notice how Wally really put one over on O'Tricky?

After burning his challenge flag early, Wally continued to wear a giant-sized version of the dirt-rag on his left leg

It caused O'Shea all kinds of problems because Mike was pestering the refs about BC not having a challenge - he was totally distracted by Wally's actions. Consumed if you will.

So Wally sent a message to O'Shea. (ie. I might be the old 67 yr old legendary guy, but Mike, you're still on training wheels) BIG TIME GOTCHA FOR OLD WALLY

O'Shea prolly spending this week petitioning the league office to confiscate the challenge rag from a coach after its used. But there's no rule against wearing a lookalike rag on you leg - part of your fashion statement if you will . . . 


  This loss on O"Shea. Stupid calls to go for it instead of FGs. BC was struggling and the 6 points would have been more of a climb back. Dumb horse collar call on Jeffcoat didn't help either. BC got a LOT of help on chintzy penalty calls too...I hate losing this way.

    There aren't many posters here because if you don't say something negative all the time, they don't want to participate.
Everyone loves to bash O'Shea and Hall and Lapo gets off easy, but not for me.  The second half collapse is on the offense - both Lapo's playcalling and the execution which resulted in nothing but a string of 2-n-outs and INTs.  The offensive creativity was lacking in the second half.  Who in their right mind things you're going to fool the same team on back to back weeks with the same short yardage plays with Streveler?  The Leo's got embarrassed in Winnipeg with the way they used Streveler and they were better prepared for it and they stuffed it out in the second half.  Then Nichols suddenly starts making decisions like a rookie?  Bombers had success on O in the first half, BC D adjusted at halftime, Lapo didn't and their D took it to us.  As I have stated before, this version of the Bomber D OK when the offense is carrying their weight when the offense stalls for a prolonged period the D starts hemorrhaging play after play.  O'Shea made a bad decision or two, he also made good ones.  That short kickoff recovered by Miller?  Smart move.  O'Shea wasn't at fault for Medlock banging a miss off the upright in the first half and lets face it, Medlock had two of the uprights in the game and Money Medlock has been anything but historically inside BC place.  

IMO that goal line play early in the second that started the momentum swing for BC - you can  blame O'Shea for going for it on 3rd and goal trying to put the game away.  Fair enough.  And I get it, everyone is enthralled with Streveler's ability to run the ball.  But after he gets stuffed on the first attempt, why on earth do you try the same thing on 3rd instead of giving it to Harris who was giving their D fits all game to that point?  He's a star and a face of your franchise for a reason.


  I agree fully Wolverine and just because I didn't mention them does not mean I don't hold the O responsible too.  The 6 points not attempted are the only points I can be pretty sure we would have made. Nichols was having an off night and we can't really blame Medlock for missing the long FG. O'Shea knows this. Take the points and this game was in the bag.
Si vis pacem... para bellum

If you think you can't when you can, you won't.
If you think you can when you can't, you just might.


On the sunny side, we won the season versus BC and we can beat Tyranna.
Sat/Fri with a trip home, albeit with the afternoon game I expect WAD's got them home sat. nite.
Loose two to Bluto's gang, this thing goes bad real fast.
NO'Shea's gotta be feeling the heat, perhaps no sleeves next game? 


  I'll be going to the game in Tronna. I'm looking forward to seeing BMO and I'm sitting behind the Bombers bench up a bit. Let's hope we are pissed off enough at losing to BC that we put a lickin on the Argos. So many times we have lost to them in the Skydump. A new venue may be the ticket.

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