Positive Outlook for 2014 ESKS

Re: Positive Outlook for 2014 ESKS

by LeStaf » Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:42 pm

cflsteve wrote:
anosh wrote:Also I forgot Montreal has on there roster. Martin Bedard has been the Als Long snapper and special teams player but while he was at UCONN he was also a pretty good TE. I noticed he is now listed as a FB on their roster so perhaps they are thinking the same thing. He has been in the CFL for about 4 70-487
years now so a good possibility to be able to go back to his other position.
Current Long Snapper Listed Jared Zaleski also playe TE at SFU, mostly as a blocking TE. He did play a year of Juniors after SFU whaer he did work on his receiving skills. So the Als have the potential players to play a ture TE to replace Lavoi

Bedard was listed at FB last season and yet was not used. I suspect it had a lot to do with not getting an OC until mid season. Now that Shonert is returning as OC and AC is on the staff officially and used Lavoi a lot as a red zone target so they could finally go that route with Bedard.
Montreal also had a rookie from Sherby who was a Lavoi clone. He only caught 2 passes but again likely something they did not get into the offensive playbook.

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