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by bohdon » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:26 pm

Migs wrote:
Lyle B. Style wrote:
cflisthebest wrote:It appears the banning isn't working....

It was never intended to last. One thing the jelly-brains didn't count on is my friends in certain vocations.

They've got 2 threads going on me and Area 51 (a superb CFL poster) and I'm getting more P.R. than just about any other website combined.

Love all my old buddies there - Danno, Coralharbour, BSD, several more but there's one piece of madness that shouldn't be posting anywhere humans go, one of the Olson twins (I'm not talking the girls, I'm talking Jimmy & Clifford)

The worst piece of vermin every to post on a CFL site - a guy I call Loafer King, he actually goes under the monicker Sofa King. Severe psychological problems have obviously beset this fella. He's the 400 lb. loafer with a tablet that Donald Trumpy refers to! :cowboy:

What is seriously wrong with you?

His IQ is 3.8 didn't you read? leave the poor sap alone, could you imagine having to go through life not knowing the left from the right, the up from the down, all of those bright lights shinning directly on him.... at the same time...must be something to behold.
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