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by bobo82 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:13 am

blackandgld wrote:
bobo82 wrote:If I'm Tillman I offer to trade our 4th (1rst) , 13th (2nd) and 39th (5th) picks, plus the neg list rights to any one of either Manziel , Kaepernick or Griffin to the Riders for their 2nd (1rst ) and 11th picks (2nd ) . This trade would be a win/win I feel for both sides . Outside of Winnipeg selecting Vandervoort with the 1rst selection overall . it would all but guarantee he would be available to us with the 2nd pick . We then would move up 2 spots from 13 to 11 in round 2 where we can hopefully select an O-Lineman . In exchange the Riders would be getting an extra draft selection to shore up their Canadian content and the rights of their choosing to one of our neg listed quarterbacks , whichever one they want of the three , it doesn't really matter which one they pick . Keep in mind that we traded up in last years draft to ensure that we had a shot at drafting Revenberg , so there is some precedence here for this type of Draft day transaction by the team .

I think Manziel is the only QB with a reasonable chance of playing in Canada.
If he decides to play in the CFL he will be up for league MVP. I would stick with 4 and take our Mac receiver at this spot. If he is gone switch modes and select a O-Lineman at 4.
Canadian draft is too much of a crap shoot to give up such a potentially great player IMO.

I think that Johnny would look very good wearing "Green and White" :wink:'s to hopefully NEVER seeing him wearing Black "n" Gold !!! :thdn: :twisted: :thdn:

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