Sinkfield not returning to Ticats...?

Re: Sinkfield not returning to Ticats...?

by bobo82 » Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:37 am

blackandgld wrote:Would Casey Printers count?
He threw so many pick 6s that he went offence to defense many times on the same play. :wink:

He was too busy eating his popcorn and counting up all the money that he stole from the team . :wink:

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Re: Sinkfield not returning to Ticats...?

by stevehvh » Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:51 am

I agree we shouldn't count one-offs, or occasional fill-ins. Among players who switched from one side of the ball to the other as a regular position, no one touches Garney Henley, though he was versatile and played often on offence even when he was primarily a DB, before Jerry Williams switched him to full time on offence in 1972. A heck of a return man too, at a time when there was o blocking on punt returns. Lewis Porter would also be high on my list. A receiver who became an outstanding DB. I will never forget seeing him run down and tackle Argo speedster Leon McQuay in the open field, closing a gap of several yards to do it. John Barrow too, who played both ways for a couple of years before settling in as a DT only. 16 All Star selections in 14 seasons says it all.

I preferred it when the rosters were smaller, and the ability to play two ways was a real asset for a player, and sometimes a necessity for the team.
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