Who is your top free agent wish for the Cats?

Re: Who is your top free agent wish for the Cats?

by stevehvh » Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:44 pm

Good points. I guess we'll see in a month or so. NFL is his preference for sure. If that doesn't work out, hopefully he'll be back in Hamilton and all will be well.

At this point, I'm more concerned to get a good kicker.
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Re: Who is your top free agent wish for the Cats?

by bobo82 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:54 am

Anybody holding out hope of the Cats signing Alan - Michael Cash as a possible replacement for the departed Drake Nevis can forget it . Cash has signed with that team down the road from us and will be wearing Blue this year . .http://www.cfl.ca/2017/03/23/argos-cash ... t-lineman/ ... It's looking more and more to me that the Cats will switch up their ratio this year and will likely be going with a Canadian contingent in the middle of the D-Line with Michael Atkinson replacing Nevis lining up beside Big Teddy at the Tackle spots this season .

I could be wrong but I can see the Cats starting 4 of their 7 Canadian starters this year on the Defensive side of the ball. It could allow for the possibility of great flexibility with different packages and schemes and rotation with
Laurent and Atkinson at Tackle and with Stephen at either CB or S and Butler at either S or SAM Lb . We also have Capiccotti as another capable Cdn in rotation at D-end . The other 3 Cdn starters on Offence would be in the interior of the O-Line with Filer at centre and Bomben and Revenberg at Guard.

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