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by Argo Fanatic 3 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:10 pm

cflsteve wrote:
Argo Fanatic 3 wrote:With Greenwood starting at LB, Foley at DE and Gabriel at S we are in really good shape for Canadian starters. I like the depth we have too in the Black brothers, Herbet, Yurichuk, Tonye-Tonye and Miles (who may be a start himself).

Canadian starters and depth is really coming together on both sides of the ball.

Don't leave out Cleyon Laing at DT. Who along with Foley sets up two starting Nationals that will secure a D line rotation.
Could give the Argo's an option of having 3 ratio spots on defense

You are right I forgot about Laing. Hope he can keep his head on straight.

Is there a rule in the CFL that a Canadian starter has to be backed up by a Canadian as well? or something like that.
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Re: Cory Greenwood

by cflsteve » Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:11 am

There is no rule which states that a back up player in which a National player may be starting as part of the official mandatory 7 National starting spots.
Once the coaches idendify to the officials the how many of the mandatory 7 will be on offense and how many will be on defense. I use the word mandatory because many times teams will start 8 or sometimes even 9.
Toronto for example i beleive went with 5 spots on offense and 2 on defense so as long as there were 5 at least 5 National players on the field at all times and 2 on defense their position did not matter.
As well Toronto often had 8 or even 9 National players starting.
Sometimes 6 on offense with 4 on the Oline and 2 rec.
Defense up to 3 at times with S and MLB and possibily a National D Lineman.
You still here coaches use the term we are going to make such and such position a Canadian position in which they often will have a specific Canadian back up at said position.
The game of football has evolved now where there are D Line rotations as wel as different package groupings
Offense is no different with a 5 receiver set, A TE or Double TE set etc.
With players now being more versatile to able to play a couple diferent positions
The terminology and muct have a back up to a Canadian Starter goes back to a time were there was one basic set on O and one on D and the same 12 players were on the field the entire time unless there was an injury.
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