Perrett released?

Re: Perrett released?

by okie » Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:29 pm

idealsheldon wrote:Herb saying Perrett was due to make over $200,000 with a bonus due in Feb. The question is would the Als have kept a $150,000 Perrett or they wanted to get rid of him altogether?

I`ll give the team the benefit of the doubt and assume they have a plan going forward. I expect:

LT- Foucault
RT- Ruby or National (Mack has to do his job here)
RG - Gagnon

And Blake, Matte, LBJ fighting it out for C and LG.

Like most of us I had high hopes last season for White and Piotrowski. However as bad as the o-line was last season, the team did not seem to have enough confidence in them to play them.

And the probable key to the o-line is going to be the likely new o-line coach.

If he had stayed, I assume Perrret would have been a backup or rotation guy at something other than RT. However last year, the Als virtually never used a rotation system. The starters played the whole game.

I would not even consider Gagnon locked at RG. Last season, he probably only played there because the Als did not want 2 inexperienced guys (Gagnon and Ruby) on the left side. The key for the OL in my opinion is whether or not the Als can sign David Foucault. If the Als cannot and believe that Derek Dennis is too costly in terms of dollars + ratio, they might take a gamble try Mathu Gibson at LT.
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Re: Perrett released?

by tony » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:01 pm

So with Perrett gone, who is the veteran? Matte, LBJ ?
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Re: Perrett released?

by disciplineandpunish » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:04 pm

tony wrote:So with Perrett gone, who is the veteran? Matte, LBJ ?

Matte, LBJ, and Blake are all vets. Then you have guys like Piotrowski and White who have been on the team for years and who aren't rookies by any stretch. I will always respect and appreciate what Perrett did for the team but cutting ties is the right move the more I think about it.
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